The Top 5 Budget Electric Scooters in 2020 – Reviewed

Our best picks for a great quality budget electric scooter in 2020 are:

1. The Xiaomi M365 – purchasing link (link to Amazon)

2. The GOTRAX GXL V2 – purchasing link (link to Amazon)

3. The Fast88 – purchasing link (link to Amazon)

4. The Hiboy Max – purchasing link (link to Amazon)

5. The Razor E200 – purchasing link (link to Amazon)

The Xiaomi M365

For a great review, check this video:


The Xiaomi M365 is, for its moderately cheap price of about 350$, an incredibly great budget pick. Unless you wish to use it for off-road or for great feats of speed, it is one of the best ”price-per-point” units out there on the market.

This means that you get an incredibly good deal for the low price you invest in it. Of course, it is not a 3.000$ e-scooter, but for its price, it drowns its competition. It is a great short-range commuter and an even greater alternative to cars.


This scooter, for its budget price, sports powerful long-range 30 x 18650mAh high capacity lithium batteries with a 5 hour charge time (on average).

We are not talking here of 500$ batteries that can go 80 miles or 120 km, but for how cheap it is, being able to ride 15-16 miles or 29-31 km per charge is more than enough.

And this is in addition to its ability to go at speeds of around 15 miles/h or 24 km/h. Its ability even goes as far as to notify you about the state of its battery through a smart app, automatically signaling any issues.

When added to its nice 250W front direct-drive hub brush-less DC motor, it really does promise an incredibly smooth and safe ride.


For starters, it is incredibly light, at only 27 lbs or 12 kg. When crossed with its folding ability, you will, for the most part, not need any locks, as you will be able to take it wherever you want to.

Furthermore, it sports an ultra-bright 1.1W headlight with a nice 6-meter range. It also has rear red taillights which flash distinctively that are visible to both pedestrians and other vehicles on the road, when braking.

It has a button starter, which requires you to long-press it to shut it down. When it is on, a short single press will switch the headlights on/off. Also, double pressing it will switch between the normal and power-saving modes.

And speaking of braking, it sports two 8.5” pneumatic tires with a double safety braking system and anti-slip treads. This translates to both a disk and an e-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system. Its usual braking distance is about 3-4 meters, depending on speeds and weight.

As for the quality of its build, it is made from a very light (with low density), yet sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum for maximum structural strength. So do not fear that it might break too soon. And despite this, it can also hold up to 220 lbs or 100 kg.

Other features are reflected in the comfort it offers to you. Its handlebars are wide enough to allow you a good grip, but not enough to hinder maneuverability. However, its deck is not all too wide, so you might have to struggle with a stiff, sideways position.

If you are interested in it, check it here.


For a great unboxing and review video, check this link:


Another budget titan, the GXL V2 is an incredible steal. For its incredibly low price tag of under 300$, it offers an incredibly cheap and efficient ”price-per-point” alternative to commuting. It is incredibly eco-friendly and will make any car driver wish they had one, instead of waiting in stationary traffic.

However, do not choose this one if you plan to ride it in pothole infested areas. It is meant only for smooth commutes.


For its low price, it offers quite a potent alternative to any car. It sports a 250W motor, alongside a 36V battery. First of all, this translates into the fact that it is capable of reaching top speeds of 16 miles/h or 26 km/h. Secondly, for that motor and battery power, it has a range of about 12 miles or 19 km per charge.

And this, despite its power and milage, is achievable by only charging it for about 3-4 hours. This is not even half of your work-day, so it can be easily recharged at work if necessary.


The first of its features is its incredibly low weight of about 26 lbs or 12 kg. Similar to the Xiaomi Mi, it can be folded and taken everywhere you want it to go. 

For safety reasons, it sports a front LED headlight, which is manageable by pressing a specific button at the center of the handlebars. However, it lacks rear lights. Furthermore, this also features an LED display which allows you to see how far the battery is depleted, which will always come in handy.

Its two 8.5” pneumatic inner tube tires are good enough to grant you both a decent suspension feature (through shock absorption) and an overall smooth and stable ride. They are also featured alongside a front regenerative brake and a rear disk brake.

As for the quality of its materials, they are incredibly solid, assuring a top-notch structural strength, despite its overall minimal design. It will not break anytime soon unless it is treated very badly. In addition to that, it can hold up to 220 lbs or 100 kg.

If you are interested in buying it, check it here.

The Fast88 

For a nice unboxing video, check this amazon review here.


For being the absolutely cheapest e-scooter on this list, at about 90$, this scooter is a solid investment for what it does, especially when it comes to kids. It is incredibly light, quite reliable and gets the job done, all for a price of less than 100$. Few e-scooters on the market can pull off such an incredible feat, especially for being a kick-start e-scooter.


This model is a modest one at what it does, sporting a motor of 250W and a single lithium Ion battery, with a presumed ability to cover a max 10-12 miles or 16-20 km per charge, with a relatively short charging period of about 2-4 hours.

As for its wheels and braking system, it sports two 200 mm or 7.87” wheels, with a rear disk brake and a front regenerative brake, accompanied by a front suspension system. Its stable and quite durable aluminum and plastic frame can withhold up to 220 lbs or 100 kg, all for weighting only 14.33 lbs or 6.5 kg.

However, remember that, out of all the e-scooters on this list, this one is specifically hampered by anything other than flat surfaces. Try to always keep it on asphalt or any other flat surfaces. Even freshly cut grass is not ideal for it.

It can manage it for short distances, but in the long run, you are highly advised to keep yourself off it. The same goes for potholes and similar things. This scooter is specifically picky when it comes to roads, especially due to its smaller than average wheel size. 

When it comes to accommodating its rider, it has a relatively thin deck, at about 5.3 inches or 13.5 cm of width, meaning that it is not the most comfortable piece of gear to ride around. Its small size makes it even smaller when packed, as its handlebar can be set at three different levels of height, specifically at 35, 37 and 39 inches or 89, 94 and 100 cm, with a total length of 38 inches or 96 cm.

However, this scooter, despite being perfectly suitable for smaller adults, is an absolute must for children and teens, given its small deck, low weight, and overall nice features.

If you are interested in it, check it link.

Hiboy Max 

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The fourth entry on this list, the Hiboy Max is yet another solid, budget choice for any rider with a relatively ”low” budget. Do not get me wrong, 440$ is nothing to scoff at, but when taken pound for pound, this scooter is an incredibly solid day-to-day commuter. It is light, powerful, quite fast and easy to maintain. What is not to love about it?


When it comes to power, this e-scooter is a clear upgrade to your casual budget e-scooter. It sports a 350W front mounted hub motor, aided by a long-range 270Wh battery, which together allow this scooter to have a whooping range of 17 miles or 27 km per charge.

This is added to its already considerable ability to reach top speeds of about 19 miles/h or 30 km/h. And all of this with a weight of 34 lbs or 15 kg, all while being able to carry up to 220 lbs or 100 kg.



Its 8.5” solid (honeycomb) tires are an incredibly solid choice of wheels since this type is the one that is the most durable out there. They also require minimal effort in maintaining them, other than replacing them when they are too shredded to be properly used.

Furthermore, its front side features a suspension system, which reduces vibration to a minimum, given its solid choice of tires. This is odd (and fortunate for the rider), as not too many e-scooters at this price range sport an absorption system.

However, this will, by no means, fully protect you from the shock of going through potholes. Try to avoid them at all times, if possible. And speaking of wheels, it features a front electric braking system, with a regenerative function and a rear disk braking one.

Digital features

Also, it has an LCD display, which will show you the most crucial pieces of information required when riding it. Those include speed, battery levels, Bluetooth connectivity and what power mode you are currently using. Those mods are BEGINNER-NORMAL-SPORT and are as follows: 9.3-13.6-19 miles/h or 15-22-30 km/h.

It is all connected to an accelerator pedal which, if kept at 8+ miles/h or 12+ km/h for a few seconds, will activate your cruise control option on the handle, notifying you through a short beeping sound. And speaking of its digital features, it can also be linked to your phone through the HiBoys mobile app.

It also features, just under the display and on the front stem, a bright pair of high-quality headlights, for an added pint of extra protection at night-time. This is further enhanced by its rear braking system, allowing you to be spotted by anyone at night.

If you are interested in this bad boy, check it link.

Razor E200 

To see a nice feature video of it, check this video:


The last, but not the least, entry on our list is another solid choice when it comes to both kids and adults. For its low 200$ price, you will get a fairly nice and efficient e-scooter. Although it limits its riders in a few compartments (speed, weight limit, etc), it is ultimately a very decent investment for both recreational use and for commuting.


When it comes to power, it features a modest 200W motor, alongside two 12V (for a total of 24V), sealed led acid batteries. This will allow it to reach speeds of 12 miles/h or 19 km/h, for approximately 40 minutes to 2 hours of use per charge, depending on the weight of the rider, climate, and maintenance.

Furthermore, its chain-driven motor features a single speed function, thus making this e-scooter particularly aimed at children and teens.

When it comes to it, its charge time should be of around 12 hours and always remember to never charge it for more than 24 hours. Otherwise, it will, in time, severely damage the acid batteries through a consistent flow of energy.


For starters, it features an all-steel solid frame, giving it a high damage resistance. It also has a decent, albeit low, weight limit of 165 lbs or 75 kg. Its frame is also quite small, at about 38 inches or 96 cm in height.

When it comes to wheels and braking, it features two 8” pneumatic tires, which are a considerable boon when regarding suspension, since the scooter lacks such a feature. Furthermore, remember that if you engage the brakes without letting go of the throttle, it will not cease motion. And speaking of brakes, it only features a rear operated brake.

However, it features no front or rear lights, making it a slightly less suitable choice for after-dark riding.

Interested? Then, go and check it link.