The Best Electric Scooters With Removable Batteries

The top 3 e-scooters with removable batteries are:

  1. The Levy (link to Levy website)
  2. The Turboant X7 (link to Amazon)
  3. The Smartkick X7 Pro (link to ebikebc)

You will find links to batteries as well in the reviews below. This way, you can get an idea of how much they cost and the additional cost of the batteries.

Also, you will find some info on buying a scooter with a removable battery vs. buying a long-range e-scooter.

Review of top 3 e-scooters with removable batteries

The Levy electric scooter – check a great video review:


  • Relatively cheap, at around 500$
  • Relatively good build quality, with many flowing lines and smooth curves, for a sleek and simplistic, but an important aspect
  • Has a rear disk brake, a rear foot brake, and a frontal regenerative brake
  • Has a 36V 6.4 Ah (230W) battery and a 350W motor (700W peak power)
  • The battery requires about 2-3 hours of charge time
  • A low weight of about 27 lbs or 12 kg due to its light alloy frame
  • Has 8.5” tubeless pneumatic tires
  • Top speeds of 17 miles/h or 27 km/h
  • Has a 15 miles or 25 km range on eco-mode
  • The load capacity of 230 lbs or 104 kg
  • 10-degree climbing angle
  • Replacement battery costs about 140$
  • Has in-built front and rear lights


  • It is a budget scooter, thus having only a fraction of the power and other benefits of mid-top tier e-scooters
  • The disk brake on the rear wheel could come with a bigger rotor
  • The frontal regenerative brake is not as strong as those of other better scooters
  • Its real, non-eco mode range is about 10 miles or 16 km. But if you ride it fast or you are heavier, the numbers fall to 8-10 miles
  • The deck is relatively small, akin to a smaller longboard
  • Has no suspension
  • The battery has a low range of 8-15 miles or 12-24 km
  • The battery, if left outside with the scooter unattended, can easily be stolen

Interested? Check it here and the battery here.

The Turboant x7 electric scooter

Check a great video review here:


  • A bit more expensive than the Levy, going around 600$, but still cheaper than a lot of similarly performing e-scooters
  • It is incredibly lightweight and portable, given its alloy frame, weighing a mere 30 lbs or 13 kg
  • It sports a detachable 36V 6.4 Ah (230W) Wh lithium-ion battery and a 36V 350W (700W peak power) motor inside the front wheel
  • The battery requires about 2-4 hours of charge time
  • Has a range of about 16 miles or 26 km per battery charge
  • Has a top speed of about 20 miles/h or 32 km/h
  • It comes with an LED display panel, which tells you the speed, battery level and informs you about what speed setting you are using. Those three are 7.5, 17,5 and 20 miles/h or 12, 28 and 32 km/h
  • The maximum supported weight load is about 275 lbs or 124 kg
  • Sports a pair of 8.5” tubeless pneumatic tires
  • Has a double lock mechanism which ensures that the stem will always stay in place and grant you a great deal of stability
  • Is kick-started, which means that you will not end up mistakenly taking off
  • Has a 15-degree climbing angle
  • Has an electric front brake and a disc rear brake
  • Has front and rear lights


  • Just like the Levy, it is considered a ”budget” scooter, so do not expect top tier performances out of it
  • The battery has 9-10 miles or 14-16 km range if used at higher speeds constantly
  • Has a relatively small deck
  • Again, if the battery is left outside and with the scooter unattended, can be easily stolen
  • Has no suspension

Interested? Check it here and the battery here.

The Smartkick X7 Pro electric scooter 

Watch a great video review here:


  • Has a 36VDC 230.4Wh 6.4 Ah battery and a 350W motor
  • Has a front electronic brake, a read disk, and a foot brake
  • Is incredibly light at 29 lbs or 13 kg
  • Has a max speed of 19 miles/h or 30 km/h
  • The battery has a max 19 miles or 30 km range
  • Has 10” tube tires
  • Has an IP54 water resistance rating
  • Has an LCD display which tells you the speed, battery level and informs you about what speed setting you are using
  • The battery has a 3-4 hours charge time
  • Holds a max of 220 lbs or 100 kg
  • Has a 10-degree climbing angle
  • Has front and rear LED lights


  • Is quite expensive at around 900$
  • Has a relatively small deck
  • The battery can be stolen easily
  • Has no suspension
  • Its replacement battery nears the 290$ price tag

Interested? Check it here and the battery here.

Which one to choose?

If you only want to ride short distances and want a cheap, convenient approach, get the portable kind. If you like speed, want to ride longer distances and have some money to spare, get the expensive sort with the in-built batteries.

Let us take the Qiewa Q1 (link to Amazon), as it is a very popular example. It has a fixed 26Ah 18650 battery, with 8-12 hours of charge time and a range of 65 miles/104 km per charge, all for 1400$.

When compared, the removable batteries show the following numbers:

  • The Levy batteries – are about 140$ individually (scooter comes with a free one) and are 15 miles/25 km per charge

500$ (scooter) + 280$ (2×140$) = 780$ 45 for miles/75 km

  • The Turboant x7 batteries – are about 300$ individually (scooter comes with a free one) and are 17 miles/27 km per charge

480$ (scooter) + 600$ (2×300$) = 1080$ for 51 miles/81 km

  • The Smartkick X7 Pro batteries – are about 290$ individually (scooter comes with a free one) and are 19 miles/30 km per charge

800$ (scooter) + 580$ (2×290$) = 1380$ for 57 miles/90 km

How much does a battery last?

A normal Lithium-Ion e-scooter battery lasts about 2-3 years or between 500-1000 charging cycles. More information about batteries can be found in our articles:

What’s the range of a removable e-scooter battery?

It highly depends. However, seeing as how removable batteries are made with ease and convenience in mind, expect their average range to be of about 10-15 miles or 16-24 km. This highly depends on the weight of the rider.

How heavy is a battery? How can you carry it?

The weight or e-scooter batteries is around 3-4 lbs or 1,4-2 kg.

An e-scooter removable battery looks strange when compared with the in-built ones. When the latter are cubical and clunky, the removable ones are sleek, cylindrical, light and easy to handle. They have a ribbon handle on their top, allowing you to easily grip and pull them out of the waterproof battery compartment.

When combined with their relatively short length of around 19 inches/50 cm and a diameter of 2 inches/5 cm, it makes them light and easy to carry.

There are a couple of easy-to-carry methods. The simplest is to shove the spare battery/batteries inside a backpack. Another cheap way is to attach one or more cardboard/plastic holsters on the stem.

How much does an extra battery cost?

Again, it depends on the manufacturer, the quality of the product and the overall cost. For the Levy and the Turboant X7, the extra battery costs about 140$, while for the Smartkick X7, the price is doubled at about 290$.

E-Scooter with high range vs one with removable batteries

In short, the high range scooters are powerful and reliable, but expensive, while those with removable batteries are weaker and slower, but way cheaper and much safer.

High range e-scooters

When taken individually, the high range scooters with locked batteries are a sight to behold and are undoubtedly the better ones. Alone and fully charged, their average range goes between 60-80 miles or 96-130 km. Furthermore, their average speeds go around 20-40 miles/h or 32-65 km/h, which is more than you will ever need in an urban environment.

This further combines with great quality materials, solid batteries, and motors, good climbing angles, etc.

However, they are also rigid and flawed. Seeing as how their batteries are built-in and locked, you are simply at their mercy. Should you forget to charge them or if they ever get broken on the field, you do not have much to do other than push it by yourself.

And seeing as how they require a long charging time span to fully charge them, they might not be sufficiently charged for your intended distance. With 2+ batteries, there is a higher chance, if you forgot to charge one, to have the other ready for the ride.

And as a final note, they are quite expensive ranging at an average of 800-1,000$ and going up to as much as 2,500-3,000$.

Removable batteries e-scooters

The charge advantage

On the other hand, the greatest advantage of the removable batteries is that, when talking in a realistic fashion, their value is infinitely greater than that of their opposites. This is due to their removable and easy to carry nature. Fixed batteries, due to how they work, will require you to charge them on every occasion. Thus, they could be a reason to feel anxious due to whether you forgot to charge them enough.

The removable sort, on the other hand, does not suffer from these flaws. Seeing as how you can simply carry multiple batteries with you, this will add to your range of motion considerably, depending on how many you carry.

Furthermore, when the e-scooters with removable batteries are way more convenient. With the locked types, the entire scooter will need to be placed near an electrical outlet. With the removable sort, you only need to pop out the battery and charge it separately, leaving you free to put the rest of the scooter wherever you want.

Theft protection

I don’t know if it’s really a consolation but if the scooter gets stolen, you will still have your battery left. And keep in mind that those are the most important parts of the scooter, as they are valued at about a third of its entire price.

Of course, this setup is more expensive than its counterpart, seeing as how you will require two or more batteries in total. This will considerably add to the price, weight, and hustle since you will have to charge all of them and to carry them with you with every ride. Furthermore, removable batteries are completely inferior when it comes to power capacity.


Another flaw is its capacity. Sure, you can carry around 2-5 batteries with you for safety, but they are often low-capacity, giving you ranges of around 15 miles/24 km. Thus, 1 high range battery equals a few of those.