The Best Electric Scooters for Camping Trips in 2020

The best 3 scooters for camping

Here are our top 3 electric scooter picks for a camping trip:

  1. The Dualtron Ultra
  2. The NanRobot RS7
  3. The Maxx Outstorm

Why would you need an e-scooter for camping?

The reasons for using an e-scooter to enjoy nature and not your own feet are many and they depend solely on the rider.

Some want to add some speed to the act, while others do not wish to get blisters or sores on their feet.

Some want to feel the gentle summer or autumn breeze, but do not wish to disturb nature with a loud motor, such as a motorcycle, an ATV or a car.

Or, perhaps you are the impatient type who does not like the trip itself and wishes to reach the camping destination ASAP. Furthermore, if you prefer to enjoy nature by only riding on at least two wheels, keep in mind that e-scooters have a virtually non-existent pollution imprint. At least not a direct imprint.

Some people, however, just enjoy riding e-scooters, be it alone or with their friends. And the activity of riding your scooter through grass and gravel, without putting in any effort, is quite a soothing and enjoyable activity.

Well, here is where the off-road e-scooter industry comes with the best solutions for such an activity. Further down in this article, you will find the top 3 list review of the best off-road scooters.

What should an e-scooter for camping have?

When talking camping, the first thing you should think about is that the scooter must be capable of going off-road. When looking for such scooters, you will see that they universally share a few features.

First of all, they are quite expensive. And by that, I mean that you should not expect the price to drop lower than 1,500$ for any good models. This is due to the myriad of extra features and high-quality materials. Those abilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Incredibly powerful motors (usually two of them) at a power of 1600W+ each
  • Powerful batteries, meant to allow for long trips (50+ miles/80+ km)
  • They come with the ability to climb ridiculous angles of terrain, going up to 45 degrees (the common e-scooters can climb an average of 10-15 degrees)
  • Large 10” or 11” off-road tires
  • Come with incredibly powerful suspensions
  • Very good brakes and they usually come with both disk and electric/regenerative brakes
  • Solid quality frames with wide decks for extra comfort
  • Come with integrated LED/LCD systems to allow you to know everything necessary (battery life, speed, etc)
  • Come with powerful frontal lights
  • Usually come with an IP54 water resistance rating, which means that they are usually able to function in slightly wet or rainy conditions. However, try to avoid direct water exposure as much as it is possible
  • Are usually quite heavy at 78+ lbs/35+ kg

A review of the best 3 off-road scooters

1. The Dualtron Ultra

For an amazing demonstration video, check this video.


  • Has two powerful 2400W electric  motors with a peak power of 5400W+
  • An incredibly strong 60V 35Ah 2072 watt battery
  • Has a maximum range of 74 miles (or 120 km) per charge
  • Top speed of 50 miles/h or (80 km/h)
  • Is the ”middle” model in the Dualtron series as for prices and power; while the Ultra model starts at around 3,250$, its superior, the Dualtron-Thunder, is marginally better for a whopping 500$ more at around 3,790$)
  • 10” x 3.5” pneumatic tubeless tires
  • Sports both dual hydraulic 140 mm disk and regenerative brakes
  • Can hold up to 330 lbs or 150 kg
  • Adjustable rubber cartridge suspension
  • Has IP54 water and dust resistance rating
  • Has a high 35 climbing degree potential
  • Has LED head and taillights, and brake lights also


  • Most of its flaws revolve around its incredibly high price tag of 3,200$+ and the stress of theft or the cost for repairs
  • Its battery requires a constant source of energy when charging
  • The charger is slow and will need you to pay extra to go from 17 hours to 8 and then 5h
  • Is quite heavy at 81 lbs or 37 kg

Interested? Check it here.

2. The NanRobot RS7

For a sweet first-person view of it, check this video:


  • Has two 1600W brush-less gear motors
  • Has a 60 volt 31.2Ah high capacity lithium battery with a power of 31200mAh
  • Has a max range of 55 miles or 72 km
  • And a max speed of 55 miles/h or 88 km/h
  • It has a whopping 65-degree climbing degree (highest for an e-scooter)
  • 11” rubber tires
  • LED headlight
  • Has a USB charging port for phones and other gadgets
  • Can hold a max of 400 lbs or 180 kg
  • Has a wide deck for added comfort
  • Sports a powerful C type hydraulic shock absorption damping system
  • Has an LCD display for battery, speed and speed options
  • A powerful dual-disc braking
  • Has a powerful dual double shock absorption system
  • High-quality pneumatic tubeless tires


  • It is quite expensive at around 1,300$
  • Has a long charging time of about 10 hours
  • Is quite heavy at 88 lbs or 40 kg, so if the battery runs dry, you will have to slog it around
  • Has no rear lights

Interested? Check it here.

3. The Maxx Outstorm

Check this bad boy on Amazon, right here.


  • Has two powerful 1600W motors with 3200W+ power, with two power adapters
  • Has a very powerful 60V 25Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery
  • Has a max range of 67 miles (or 108 km) per battery charge
  • Can reach max speeds of 56 miles/h (or 90 km/h)
  • Has four LED frontal lights and a rear brake light
  • Boasts dual electronic brakes with regenerative charging
  • Comes with 11” off-road pneumatic tires with enhanced shock absorption and a full spring suspension system
  • Comes with a key-less remote shut off and lock
  • Comes with a light-up colored LED deck with a digital speedometer with 3-speed modes, 2 power modes, dual motor control, and cruise control
  • Can hold up to 385 lbs or 175 kg
  • Has a wide and generous deck for extra comfort
  • Can reach a 30-degree climbing angle
  • Comes with two spare brake pads
  • Comes with a detachable seat
  • Has a remote alarm system


  • Quite expensive at about 1,998$
  • Requires a relatively long charge time of about 7 to 9 hours, despite this, it is slow, even with dual chargers
  • Has a weak resistance to water


If you’re in a hurry, any model from this list will suit your needs for a camping trip. My favorite is the Maxx Outstorm because of its build quality, power, and off-road features. What’s your favorite?

Also, check out our article on the best off-road electric scooters here. Most of the e-scooters in that post are also excellent options for camping trips.