How to Test your Electric Scooter Battery (With examples)

So as to take a look at the battery of your electrical scooter, you’ll require to personal a number of instruments and to comply with a number of easy steps.

The instruments in query are as follows:

  • A multimeter or a Voltmeter (I like to recommend a digital multimeter for precision and ease of use);
  • A screwdriver;
  • A set of hex wrenches;
  • A easy wrench, relying on what screws the producer used.

After that, you should have to comply with the next steps:

  1. Have your battery cost for 7 to eight hours.
  2. Immobilize the scooter; you have to it to stay nonetheless, due to the battery being purposeful and risking to begin.
  3. Take the multimeter or Voltmeter and set its operate selector to DC Volts V – or VDC on a price of 200;
  4. Flip the scooter’s energy settings off. Then join the multimeter probes to the battery pack terminals after which lastly learn the Voltage.
  5. Lastly, get somebody to stand on the scooter in order that it stays put. Activate the scooters’ energy and have the particular person interact the throttle a number of occasions. Lastly, learn the voltage whereas the throttle is engaged.
  6. Goal for a battery pack voltage that’s equal or a bit increased than the voltage score of the scooter. If the score falls beneath that by greater than 2V, it implies that the battery is defective and desires a substitute. The voltage score of your scooter is represented by the added worth of your batteries. For instance, 2x12V batteries add to 24V.

Here’s a video describing the method:

How to diagnose your e-scooter batteries?

The standard e-scooter battery will include two cables connected to it or included. Each are to be linked to the battery, with every having its personal operate. They’re:

  1. The discharging port: With out this cable that’s linked to your motor, the scooter received’t operate.
  2. The charging port: that is what’s used for charging the battery. Regardless of the opportunity of coming in different colours, relying on the producer, it normally is available in a pink and black mixture.

The black cable represents the unfavourable and the pink one is optimistic.

How to do it

You are taking your hex wrenches/screwdriver and open up the battery panel. Take the highest off, which can expose the inner battery and the cables. Guarantee that when you do it outdoors you don’t sit within the solar or that it isn’t humid.

Similar when you do it inside. Humidity and direct daylight will shorten these parts’ lifespan by a big margin.

Join the cables to the multimeter

First, you should have to take your multimeter or Voltmeter and have the 2 pink and black cables linked to the multimeter respective ports. Be certain to join them to their proper terminals: pink to pink and black to black. The pink -positive- ought to go within the 10ADC multimeter port and the black -negative- within the V(omega)mA port.

All in all, pink goes above and black goes beneath. Or black goes left and pink goes proper you probably have a multimeter with horizontal ports just like the one on this picture.


Join the terminals to the electrical scooter battery

You then take the 2 cables and join them to the respective terminals throughout the scooter. You’ll know which is which by the pink and black cable coloring. The batteries are linked to the scooter by way of some plastic clams. Separate them. So, the black -negative- cable goes into the black -negative- terminal, whereas the pink -positive- one follows the identical process.

The cables (from the multimeter) ought to be pointy at their finish, so attempt to wedge them into the battery terminals. It ought to be pretty straightforward since they have been made for this. Make certain that, when sticking the sharp stuff into the pin, it touches the metallic and never solely the plastic. You want that to join with the metallic so as to get a great, uninterrupted studying. In any other case, you’ll get no studying.

In case you have a cable with crocodile connectors like within the picture beneath, it could be simpler to join them.

crocodile cable

Take the measurements

Subsequent, set the meter to DC – it ought to be up-left facet on the meter-. The multimeters usually include the DCV operate there on 200m – 2000m – 20 – 200 – 1000. Set it on 200, because you want a studying of above 20.

multimeter voltage measurement

Additionally, swap the off-on button to on for it to operate. Though that is pretty apparent, these multimeters are filled with numbers and stuff that confuse many individuals.

You should have to ensure that the batteries are absolutely charged so as to get a reasonably constant studying. One factor it is best to do is take a look at your batteries when they’re absolutely charged for the primary time. Write down the worth.

Use it as a reference level for future testing, since that is when they’re at their strongest. This can enable you to inform how shortly your batteries lose their “juice” in accordance with charging and utilization.

You don’t need your meter to present a fall of greater than 1 to 2 Volts beneath the Voltage score. If that’s the case, it implies that the battery has misplaced its effectiveness and it is likely to be the time to change it. All the time handle them and ensure to take a look at your batteries everytime you really feel a drop in efficiency.

For instance:

Let’s say that your scooter holds two 12 Volt battery packs for a complete of 24 volts. Understand that, when absolutely charged, your battery assessments would possibly present greater than the added sum. So, two 12V batteries would possibly present a 26 or a 27. That is nice because it implies that they’re robust and wholesome.

What you want on this case it for the batteries to not fall beneath 22-23. Which means that their juice is spent and that you’ll want new batteries. If disposed of, make sure to all the time recycle them. Kinds of batteries embody Lithium-Ion batteries, Sealed Lead Acid, and Nickel Heavy Hydride batteries.

A notice of warning from the writer: an e-scooter battery shouldn’t be like a telephone battery. In contrast to that, which individuals normally cost solely when shut to being depleted, e-scooter batteries ought to be charged at any time when it’s doable. All the time preserve it “alive” or it’ll lose effectiveness pretty shortly. It’s really useful to preserve the battery degree above 30-40% always.

Testing strategies

There are two testing strategies on the market:

The passive technique and the energetic technique.

The passive technique, as proven above, is the place you do the testing with your scooter on-off energy.

The energetic technique requires you to preserve your scooter ON since typically, the battery received’t present any studying on the multimeter. That is due to its want for a ”kick” in energy. How do you do that?

The steps to be adopted are principally the identical as earlier than, however you have to to droop the scooter. Additionally, you should have to go away the again wheel free (so no breaks engaged at first).

After that, jack up the rear wheel and provides it one to a number of good and full throttles. Listen to the readings. Now, whereas throttling, interact the learn breaks. It ought to create what is called a “load” and that is what you require for the take a look at.

Whereas the “load” is in motion, you will note the voltage on the multimeter dropping. The extra it drops, the more serious the battery is. So, a great battery will each drop slowly and just a bit. A foul one, then again, will drop extra severely.

One other energetic approach to take a look at the battery, you probably have the spare time, is to trip it. Totally cost it, get on a flat floor and trip it at full throttle. A superb battery ought to, at full throttle, final for about 40-50 minutes. If it falls beneath 30, then it is likely to be a defective battery. 10-15 minutes requires you to instantly take away it and alter it with one other one.

Various technique

There’s, additionally, an alternate technique that entails your pleasant neighborhood auto half gross sales shops. Or native mechanics. The thought behind this technique is to ask them if they’ll load take a look at your kind of batteries. Learn the guide to know which one your e-scooter sports activities. If that’s the case, it’s all superb and dandy. You’ll not have to spend your treasured time and cash on the aforementioned tools and procedures.

Be cautious, as a result of they don’t seem to be obliged to restore something. They may enable this, however when you lose monitor of the cabling order, they may in all probability not even bat an eye fixed. So, earlier than you’re taking it to them, take an image and draw a sketch of the cabling. You want to know which factor goes the place when you find yourself finished and prepared to put it again.

This contains the wiring harness since you need your cables to be protected. This won’t even be a factor to do, when you get the maintain of it.

Afterward, take away the wiring harness from your batteries and take them to the testing web site. If all the things goes properly, you’re all good. All you should have to do is to reattach all the things because it was. If not, and your battery voltage is sub-par, you’ll in all probability have to get a brand new one.

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Now, it is best to have a transparent thought of how to take a look at your electrical scooter batteries. Ensure you take a look at the batteries whenever you really feel a drop in efficiency as that is the primary symptom of a deteriorated battery.