How to Solve Electric Bike Battery Problems – A helpful guide

In case you have simply purchased an electrical bike or are maybe fascinated with shopping for an electrical bike you is likely to be fascinated with batteries. For many of us, electrical bikes are a comparatively new thought, and we don’t but understand how to clear up e-bike battery issues.

We’re going to assist guide you thru the world of electrical bike batteries. In our guide, you’ll discover out about totally different batteries, how to cost these batteries, and the way to clear up any frequent points which will crop up with e-bike batteries. By the top of the article, you’ll know the fundamentals and don’t have anything to concern about batteries.

What kind of batteries are used on electrical bikes

Within the US and EU, there are two most important sorts of battery fitted to electrical bikes. They’re Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. Should you go into Asia, and notably China, you’ll see that the most typical battery used are lead-acid batteries. China is a large electrical bike market, and solely a tiny proportion of the bikes offered have a lithium battery fitted.

What’s a Lithium Ion battery?

Li-Ion batteries are a sort of rechargeable battery. A Li-Ion battery is often a lot lighter than an analogous sized battery, particularly in comparison to the less expensive lead-acid kind.

Professionals Cons
A Li-ion battery can retailer 150 watts of electrical energy per kilogram. A lead acid battery can solely maintain 25 watts per kilogram. They solely final between 2 and three years from once they had been manufactured. The time size doesn’t matter how usually or not they’ve been used.
A Li-ion battery can maintain its cost effectively. It loses solely 1 / 4 of the cost that NiMH batteries lose. They don’t like excessive temperatures. The hotter it’s the quicker they degrade.
They don’t want to be utterly discharged earlier than recharging. If it will get totally discharged, it should deteriorate quickly.
They will deal with extra charging cycles. They’re fairly costly.

The info about Lithium Ion batteries are taken from HowStuffWorks and Techopedia.

What’s a Lithium Polymer battery?

A LiPo battery is a Li-Ion battery that’s encased in a tender polymer shell. The tender polymer shell permits the battery to be extra versatile. That’s the reason why they’re rising in popularity to be used on electrical bikes. They permit producers to give you options that can allow electrical bikes to look extra like common bikes than e-bikes.

The place to discover new e-bike batteries?

One of the handy place to get new e-bike batteries is Amazon. You’ll find loads of fashions or you possibly can simply get an common one with the identical specs as your present battery. Test them out right here (hyperlink to Amazon).

One other place to discover e-bike batteries is eBay, however, it’s extra dangerous as you possibly can’t inform how previous is a battery they usually don’t include any guarantee certificates.

How do I cost an electrical bike battery?

We are going to begin with a phrase of warning about charging your electrical bike battery. By no means go away your battery to cost unattended. Meaning don’t try to cost your battery in a single day as you sleep. Li-Ion batteries can burst into flames, the chance is low, however at all times be sure of your personal and your households security.

One other good thing to keep in mind is that electrical bikes will want to be totally charged earlier than their first trip you probably have purchased an e-bike out of your native bike store they’ll hopefully have achieved this for you. In the event that they haven’t possibly their customer support isn’t the best and also you may want to strive one other retailer.

In case you have purchased your bike on-line, then your bike can have shipped with round 30 – 50% of a cost. Don’t get excited and pull your new bike straight out the field and go for a trip. Give it a cost first after which go for a trip. You’ll additionally need to just remember to totally cost the battery for the primary 5 charging cycles, this may be a very long time so be ready.

The do’s and don’ts of battery charging

  • By no means cost a battery that has been subjected to freezing circumstances, particularly whether it is nonetheless frozen.
  • Don’t cost a battery from a discharge port, this can bypass all of the safety constructed into the battery.
  • By no means cost your battery after a trip, give it just a few hours to settle down.
  • You will need to by no means go away a battery unattended when charging.
  • Try to cost to 80% and discharge till 20%. Doing so will provide you with the most effective battery life.
  • When charging a battery to 100%, for extra vary, don’t go away it like that for greater than a day.
  • The rationale for the 100% cost cycle for the primary cycles is in order that your battery can stability. It takes just a few cycles to do that. It will possibly take round 6 – eight cost-discharge cycles on your battery to stability.

The break-in interval

New batteries can have a break-in interval. On this time what your ready for is your battery to stability and settle. You employ the primary 5 or so of your cost-discharge cycles to full this activity. You don’t want to discharge the battery totally.

To work the discharge of the battery needs to be round  1 volt barely wants to be discharged. Do that slowly and don’t put any pressure on the battery. Let it settle down after which cost it once more. Should you repeat this in a pleasant and relaxed method you’ll have the battery balanced earlier than you understand it, it’ll nonetheless be a protracted course of although.

There are some things you’ll be wanting to do as throughout this break-in interval. You’ll need to keep away from stressing the battery, and also you’ll undoubtedly not need to hit the low voltage lower off level. You don’t need to get set off completely happy and run your battery at excessive amp setting both.

The ultimate word right here is don’t let your battery get scorching. Keep in mind above the place we mentioned too excessive a warmth and your battery will degrade. Don’t make that mistake proper in the beginning of your adventures together with your new electrical bike.

After the break-in interval

After the break-in interval, you’ll need to cost your electrical bike battery to round 80-90% totally charged. Then you definately’ll sometimes need to run the battery to 100% charged and do it 2 or Three instances in a row. Ideally, it is best to do that each 30 cycles, after a break of not using, or bi-yearly.

Following this recommendation ought to permit you to get the utmost lifespan out of your battery, and shopping for new batteries just isn’t low cost, so it’s well worth the effort of doing.

What are the most typical issues with e-bike batteries?

Electric bike batteries can have issues that match into certainly one of two camps.

  1. Charging points. Your battery received’t cost or received’t maintain a cost (you cost it for 10 hours and it’s nonetheless useless).
  2. Discharging points. These are available two varieties as effectively, firstly your battery seems to be useless. You’re taking it out and reconnect it and it really works once more. The second is {that a} totally charged battery dies in a short time.

Charging Points

In case your electrical bike is being positioned on cost and your battery doesn’t appear to cost. It may be price checking your charger first. There are a number of methods to do that. Some contain lightbulbs and voltmeters. I’m going to guess although that you really want a easy method to examine this.

How we’ll examine to see if it’s a charger difficulty is that we’ll try to energy your electrical bike with the charger. The very first thing you’ll want to do is to remover the battery pack. You’ll now need to hook the charger immediately up to the ability wires.

If doing this makes the ability show comes on and the motor spins together with your wheel then it now seems such as you’ve obtained a battery drawback and never a charger difficulty.

How to take a look at your electrical bike battery

If the charger passes the above take a look at, this doesn’t imply it’s not a difficulty with the charger although we’ve simply made it much less doubtless to be the charger, you’ll need to have a look at the battery. You’ll undoubtedly want a voltmeter now. These exams will work for each charging and discharging points.

Battery terminals

On hardpack batteries, you’ll want to take away the battery out of your bike. On the again of your battery, you’ll discover 2,3,4, and even 5 terminals. You possibly can plug your voltmeter into any 2 of those terminals to get a studying.

Adaptor terminal

You’ll now need to examine the adaptor port. To do that, you’ll want an XT-60 barrel adaptor. You’ll need to use the pink lead to take a look at the optimistic facet of the adaptor, and your black lead can examine the unfavorable facet. Doing this could offer you a optimistic studying; a unfavorable studying signifies that the battery in all probability has been miswired on the manufacturing facility.

Smooth pack batteries

On tender pack batteries, you’ll discover that producers have included an XT-60 adaptor. You’ll greater than doubtless see 2 cables that look the identical. The XT60 is the bigger of the two cables. So now you’ll need to connect your voltmeter.

The one factor we haven’t achieved but on the batteries is testing the cost port. On onerous cased batteries this can be a difficult process. It is vitally straightforward to quick your battery. You may want to go away this one to the professionals.

On the tender pack battery, you’ll be utilizing the smaller of the XT-60 adaptors, following the identical guidelines as above.


You’ll now need to see your outcomes. For the discharging port, after you’ve obtained you outcomes you’ll need to examine our outcomes listing beneath. Afterwards you’ll want to examine your charging port outcomes then or strive a jumpstart, which we’ve properly defined how to do within the part beneath.

0-27V on a 36V battery

0-35V on a 48V battery

0-38V on the 52V battery

0-44v on a 60V battery

0-55V on a 72V battery

Similarly, the cost port additionally has a voltage related to the above outcomes your battery administration system (BMS) could also be tripped.

How to repair your electrical bike

In order for you to repair these points, then you will have 2 choices once more. You possibly can take it to your native vendor and have them repair it, or you can also make a little bit time and try to repair it your self. Step one is to try to cost the battery correctly.

Plug your charger into the wall. Some will permit you to choose a 100% cost if it does go for that setting. Subsequent, you’ll need to double examine the battery charging process in your guide, after which plug the charger into your battery. If nothing occurs, you’ll want to try to jumpstart the battery.

Hopefully, the charger will now cost your battery, recheck the battery voltage, it needs to be fairly close to to the total voltage of the battery. If this isn’t true, then our subsequent step is to jumpstart your battery. Your difficulty right here could also be a tripped BMS or a charger difficulty.

Jumpstart your battery

The BMS of your battery there’s to hold you and your battery secure. The issue is that they often err an excessive amount of on the facet of Warning. You’ll have battery and a nasty BMS, to resolve this you’ll want to strive a jumpstart in your battery.

Keep in mind on the very begin of this text the place we informed you not to cost utilizing the discharge port. Effectively, we’re going to ignore that recommendation for jumpstarting our battery. You solely need to be doing this for just a few seconds. Consider it like utilizing a defibrillator in your coronary heart. You’re simply after a jolt, not a full cost.

After doing this, you’ll need to keep on charging your battery like regular. Because of this, it ought to hopefully cost after which when you’ve put it again in your bike discharge usually.

All the time keep in mind although and don’t use the discharge port for greater than a minute for charging as you possibly can danger lots of issues. You don’t need to burn your own home down due to a foolish accident.

What if jumpstarting doesn’t work?

If jumpstarting doesn’t work, you’ll be wanting into superior methods and chopping your battery open. Naturally, you don’t actually need to be doing that, and it’s a job for the consultants, you additionally wouldn’t have wanted to learn our guide if you know the way to do this.

Now, can be the time to take your electrical bike again to your vendor. This time it will likely be up to them to see in the event that they can assist however it should now greater than doubtless be a brand new battery. Or, you may get a brand new battery from Amazon. There are many electrical bike batteries and chances are high one will suit your e-bike. Test them out right here.