How to increase speed of electric scooter by removing limiter/restrictor

At present we are going to have a look at numerous strategies that allow us to increase the speed of electric scooter. There are some bizarre methods to increase the highest speed, however what we are going to give attention to is how to take away the speed limiter on an electric scooter.

However first, we’d like to perceive what an digital speed limiter is and why it’s there within the first place. What I ought to point out is that removing your speed limiter in your electric scooter could also be unlawful in some states. Examine the native legal guidelines earlier than doing this to see what’s the utmost speed allowed. Going over the authorized most speed may wish registration as a street car.

This info is offered just for enjoyable. I don’t take any duty in your personal security and tickets. Do it at your personal threat.

What’s an digital speed limiter?

An digital speed limiter is a configuration within the software program of the electric scooter that limits the utmost speed to a particular threshold determined by the producer.

This isn’t like a mechanical limitation that may be eliminated simply. It’s embedded within the electric scooter’s controller unit and may’t be eliminated as simple at it might appear.

Being a software program configuration, there are solely two methods to take away it and go as quick as your engine and battery permit.

Electric scooter with excessive prime speeds

The best method earlier than we get our palms soiled can be to get a proper one within the first place. When you simply purchased a brand new e-scooter and it doesn’t meet your speed wants you may return it and get a brand new one. When you already personal one for a very long time you may at all times promote it and give you the distinction for a brand new one. Take a look at the quickest scooters obtainable available on the market on this put up.

How to take away the speed limitation on electric scooters

  1. Disable it from the electric scooter show

If you are able to do this, you might be fortunate. In reality, I’m fortunate. Proudly owning an E-Twow Booster scooter (also referred to as UScooter Booster) I can take away the limitation immediately from the scooter’s show. Simply by pushing buttons. Some of the scooters permit this so known as “sport mode”, however they solely advocate it for going uphill so as to get extra energy.

My scooter is restricted to most 30 km/h by producer. In reality, this may also be configurable as I’ve 5 ranges: 6km/h, 12km/h, 20 km/h, 25km/h and 30km/h. However, I even have the game mode which removes any type of speed restrict. This fashion, I can go up to 36 km/h, however it’s doable or much more if you’re going downhill.

You’ll discover that in case you have the speed limitation enabled, you may’t go previous the set speed even if you’re going downhill. It’s because the pc slows down the engine if the speed tries to go increased.

How to

On UScooters and E-Twow the essential limitations may be set as follows:

  1. Flip off the show
  2. Press and maintain the digital brake (the one from the deal with). Maintain it pressed in the course of the operation
  3. Activate the show. At this second, it’s going to present the present speed limitation degree (one of the next: L1 / L2 / L3 / L4 / L5)
  4. Change the limitation degree by urgent the LIGHT button till you attain the specified choice
  5. After you choose the specified degree, press the S (SET) button
  6. Nicely achieved, you simply modified the speed limitation. You may get your palms off the brake and activate the scooter

On Uscooters and E-Twow Booster variations the speed restrict may be utterly eliminated by following these steps:

  1. Activate the show
  2. Press and maintain the digital brake (the one from the deal with). Maintain it pressed in the course of the operation
  3. Press the POWER button. At this second the show ought to present: P1
  4.  Transfer to P3 (sport choice) utilizing the LIGHT button
  5. Press the S (SET) button
  6. Nicely achieved, you utterly eliminated the speed limitation. You may get your palms off the brake and activate the scooter

This sport/booster choice eliminates any type of digital limitation. This selection may even increase the speed and torque.

Now, your digital scooter will likely be solely restricted by bodily situations (most engine RPM, wind, ramp, weight, and so forth). The producer suggests to activate it solely to ramp up. There are some security considerations when removing this speed limitation as you could put your self in harmful conditions.

In case you are curious:

P1 – Zero Begin – whether or not the scooter’s engine begins when the speed is at zero km or it’s going to wait till 5km/h. This prevents by accident urgent the acceleration when not driving.

P2 – Cruise management

P3 – Sport perform

2. Rewrite or flash the primary controller software program

This can be a extra difficult operation and normally includes voiding your guarantee. I’m not a fan of this as guarantee if very helpful even after a number of months after your buy.

Xiaomi Mi M365 electric scooter, for instance, can’t be unlocked immediately from the show. It doesn’t also have a show, however a telephone utility. To take away the limitation you want to rewrite the software program that’s on the scooter’s controller. This can be a dangerous operation. If the method doesn’t go clean, you may even brick your electric scooter (can’t be used in any respect).

Nonetheless, if you’re prepared to do that, your Xiaomi Mi M365 can attain 30-31 km/h which is spectacular contemplating it has air-tires.

Different methods to make the electric scooter sooner

Maintain your battery charged

Conserving your battery charged will allow you to to attain the upper speed doable and in addition to keep it for an extended time. Whereas a charged battery gained’t enhance the utmost speed of your scooter you’re going to get sooner acceleration and torque.

The decrease the battery degree the decrease would be the speed. In case your battery has solely 10% left, the electric scooter just isn’t ready to go full speed. Once you run out of juice you’ll discover two issues on this order: poor acceleration & decrease prime speed.

You’ll discover the poor acceleration as soon as your battery reaches about 40% degree relying in your mannequin and specs.

When your battery degree is below 20-25% you’ll discover that it’s arduous or unimaginable to attain the highest speed.

Change your tires to airless ones

Airless tires can have much less friction with the bottom so it is possible for you to to achive increased speeds. Airless tires additionally enhance autonomy so it is possible for you to to trip extra miles.


In case your electric scooter is new, this isn’t actually a superb choice. However in case you have an outdated scooter, spraying some oil (WD-40) on the sprockets or higher, altering them with new ones could make an enormous distinction. Over time, sprockets put on and can generate some friction with different parts.

Unusual options to increase the speed of your electric scooter

Change the battery

It’s not doable on all fashions because it’s arduous to discover batteries that may match within the little house of an electric scooter. However, at the very least in concept, a greater battery that’s ready to present increased voltage will propel you with increased speeds.

There are some cautions although because the scooter just isn’t constructed for the next voltage. A strong battery can harm electrical parts or the electric motor itself.

Rewinding The Motor

A extra difficult resolution which will likely be arduous to implement. In concept, you may rewind the electric motor so you’re going to get much less torque however increased RPM. You’ll clearly void your guarantee so it’s a dangerous operation which I don’t advocate.

Why it’s restricted?

Many nations have laws that imposes a speed limitation on non-registered autos comparable to electric scooters. That’s why many producers restrict their scooters to a sure speed.

There are different causes for this limitation, security being one of them. It’s not protected going with greater than 30 km/h on an electric scooter. The danger of damage could be very excessive as you may simply lose your steadiness and fall. At all times put on protecting gear.

Be sure that your electric scooter is in a position to do extra

Not all scooters can go over the producer speed limitation. UScooter Booster and Xiaomi Mi M365 clearly can, however these are within the mid-range priced scooters. Cheaper scooters could also be restricted to 20-25 km/h  or so and lots of can’t attain increased than that even with out the speed limitation. Although, the limitation is in place for going downhill.

Seek for different rider’s

In case you are undecided when you can take away the speed restrict in your particular mannequin of electric scooter go searching. I discovered many movies on Youtube that describe the method and the outcomes. Different opinions may be discovered on boards and even on Amazon’s evaluations.

Is removing the speed limiter a foul thought?

Advanced questions will normally lead to an “it relies upon” reply. On this case, it’s arduous to generalize and provides a transparent reply. Some fashions, just like the UScooter Booster can ship nice efficiency with out the speed limitation.

Different fashions may be broken as a result of it drains quite a bit of energy from the battery quick and the engine is sizzling due to excessive RPM. Until your scooter has a easy choice to take away the speed restrict, it’s in all probability not a good suggestion to take away it by flashing your controller or different tips.

If you need to get a quick electric scooter and the native legal guidelines permit it, search for one from the start. This may save you numerous of hassle.

Listed below are the primary explanation why removing the speed limiter could be a dangerous thought:


The upper the speed, the upper the danger of accidents. It’s arduous to preserve your steadiness when driving with over 30 km/h on such slim tires. It’s in all probability okay in a straight line, however don’t take corners with speed. At all times decelerate and trip defensively.

One other methodology to defend your self is to put on protecting gear.

Battery Life

The upper speed would require extra energy delivered quick. Even when the battery is in a position to provide it, the heating course of can harm it in the long term.

It will likely be out of juice sooner, so that you want to cost it extra typically as you’re going to get a decrease vary/cost. Lithium batteries have restricted charging cycles, so remember the fact that going sooner can lead to shorter battery life.

Components Upkeep

Shocks and bumps will influence the electric scooter’s half extra when driving at excessive speed. In case your scooter has a suspension and air-tires it’s higher, however can nonetheless lead to sooner put on.


Speed limitation just isn’t a foul factor in any case and there are some good explanation why producers do it. The primary causes for the speed restrict imposed on electric scooters are security considerations and legal guidelines.