How fast are Electric Scooters? 2020 Updated Scooters Speeds

The common velocity of an electrical scooter is about 16 mph (or 25 km/h).

To get a greater thought of the out there choices and greatest match, it’s advantageous to check speeds obtainable by completely different manufacturers. I’ll define the preferred electrical scooters, compute the typical max velocity, define them and touch upon elements influencing the utmost velocity.

The utmost velocity of electrical scooters for adults

As you may see, the typical priced electrical scooter’s most velocity is between 15 and 22 mph (or 24 and 36 km/h).

Electric scooters for youths have a most velocity between 15 and 18 mph (24 to 29 km/h).

My private electrical scooter, a Uscooters Booster (E-Twow Booster), can attain round 22 mph (36 km/h ) carrying a weight of 165 lbs (or 75 kg). This scooter has a 500 watts motor, and since it’s the Booster version, it permits the highest velocity to be unlocked.

Whereas this selection offers you the chance to succeed in the best doable velocity that the electrical motor can produce, it’s not widespread amongst all electrical scooters.

For instance, the Xiaomi Mi M365 can attain a high velocity of 16 mph (25 km/h). The controller on the scooter limits the velocity, even when you are accelerating downhill. This limiting issue will be eliminated. Nonetheless, it’s not simple utilizing the supplied telephone software.

A few of these fashions are able to greater speeds if unlocked. With a firmware change, the Xiaomi Mi M365 may also attain 30 km/h (19 mph). It is very important bear in mind, nevertheless, that unlocking the velocity will doubtless lead to voiding the guarantee – so suppose twice if it’s value it. For a velocity restrict elimination tutorial examine this text.

What influences the utmost velocity?

There are quite a few elements that affect the utmost velocity. With respect to the scooter itself, an important ones are:

  • Electric Motor Energy – the utmost energy (measured in watts, W) that the motor can produce
  • Aerodynamic issue– how effectively the scooter lets air move previous, lowering the drag pressure
  • Tires – airless tires imply much less friction with the bottom and no flat tires however they are much less comfy on tough terrain. Tires stuffed with air rely closely on the tire stress – greater stress means much less friction with the bottom, sooner speeds, and elevated battery life. Tire stress changes ought to coincide with the really useful values from the person’s handbook; a too excessive a stress will be harmful and likewise result in punctured tires.
  • E-scooter’s weight – a weight distinction as small as 4.5 lbs (or 2 kg) can affect the utmost velocity

The rider additionally influences the utmost velocity, for instance:

  • Rider’s weight – decrease weights enable for greater speeds
  • Extra weight – backpack, garments, gear, and so forth.
  • Rider’s aerodynamic issue– reduce the realm you are taking over; the broader you are the extra resistance (drag) when using

There are different elements from the setting reminiscent of:

  • Wind velocity (headwind or tailwind) – can improve or lower your high velocity
  • Terrain – flat terrain may have much less friction between the tires and floor than an “off-road” or tough terrain
  • Terrain incline – downhill acceleration will improve your high velocity

How to enhance your most velocity

The primary issue that may cease you from reaching the next most velocity is the scooter’s {hardware} velocity limitation. Most scooters are restricted to a sure velocity on account of authorized rules and security measures. I, in no way, encourage you to unlock this limitation and journey like this – it’s merely an possibility. Should you are keen to unlock your velocity – journey it with care: on flat terrain and much from any automobiles or obstacles.

airless tires for top speed

Airless tires can enhance high velocity

Right here are my suggestions to enhance your high velocity:

  1. Unlock your electrical scooter – some will be accomplished from the scooter’s management panel, a telephone software, or with a firmware change. Should you search your mannequin on YouTube, you’ll most likely discover directions on do it. Additionally, examine our article on velocity restrict elimination.
  2. If doable, change your tires for a pair of airless tires – much less friction results in the next velocity
  3. Restrict the load – do away with backpacks or heavy garments; much less weight means greater velocity
  4. Cost your battery prior – you will want a completely charged battery and excessive voltage to succeed in the highest velocity

When you’ve got a manufacturing unit limited-speed possibility lively, you gained’t attain greater speeds than those offered within the person’s handbook. Even when going downhill, the controller will restrict the velocity.

What’s the quickest electrical scooter?

From what I’ve researched, the quickest electrical scooter in the marketplace is the NANROBOT LS7 (hyperlink to Amazon) Electric Scooter. This monster scooter reaches a most velocity of 52 mph (83 km/h) which is important for an electrical scooter. Relying in your state or nation, this scooter might must be registered as a street automobile.

Whereas it might doubtless be enjoyable to journey the NANROBOT LS7 scooter, I don’t contemplate 52 mph (83 km/h) to be a protected velocity for an electrical scooter. Should you resolve to journey this mannequin, it’s worthwhile to take all of the doable security precautions.

Why get an electrical scooter that may attain greater than 25 km/h (16 mph)?

You’ll doubtless get tired of a 16 mph (25 km/h) restrict after getting used to the scooter. When you’ve got lots of straight traces in your path to work or faculty, using at 25 km/h (16 mph) will appear too sluggish; getting a scooter that may go over 16 mph (25 km/h) is a good possibility. Nonetheless, relying in your native rules, getting a sooner scooter would require registering it as a automobile.

How a lot velocity is protected?

Personally, I journey totally on bike paths. As there are only a few obstacles and no automobiles, I am going as much as 19 mph (or 30 km/h) – in a straight line after all.

Whereas using on the street, conserving a velocity between 12-16 mph (or 20-25 km/h) is safer. When driving close to automobiles, preserve a barely slower velocity as any impediment on the street or a bump can shift your course unexpectedly. By conserving a sluggish velocity, it is possible for you to to react shortly, brake in time and stop any accidents. Take a look at these security suggestions earlier than using.

Additionally, when using on tiles I favor conserving a velocity of round 12 mph (20 km/h). I contemplate this velocity to be protected as a result of electrical scooters have very slim width tires.

rough terrain speed

Hold a low velocity on tough terrain

Climate circumstances

Climate circumstances that have an effect on the velocity embody rain, snow, wind, fog and scorching/chilly environments.


As you most likely guessed, the rain will restrict your high velocity as a result of the water varieties a layer between your tires and the bottom. This layer can result in hydroplaning and is kind of harmful, because of this touring at your high velocity on a moist terrain is very harmful. Additionally, watch out with the brakes! Driving fast on moist floor is harmful with slim tires as they are prone to slip when braking arduous.

Learn extra about using within the rain.


I don’t journey on snow nor do I counsel it for 2 good causes.

  1. Slender tires – they are going to probably slip
  2. Fallacious tire profile – most electrical scooters are made for three seasons (trace: not winter), so the winter tires are not a part of the bundle

Reaching a high velocity on snow shall be most likely if you fall in a valley.

Learn extra about using on snow.


A tailwind might help you attain high velocity whereas front-wind will stop reaching the complete potential of your electrical scooter. The 100 m Olympic run wind for a document to be legitimate must be lower than 6.5 ft/s (or 2 m/s). So, if you are bragging to your pals, contemplate the wind-legal restrict of 6.5 ft/s (or 2 m/s).


Certainly, there’s extra humidity within the air which may impose extra resistance when using, so concentrate on with the ability to break in time. Your brakes gained’t work as effectively on barely moist floor and the chance of you slipping is greater. Additionally, the protection of using fast when foggy climate on account of restricted visibly is regarding.

Scorching or Chilly Environments

Scorching or chilly climate can have an effect on battery efficiency. Batteries work higher at temperatures of about 20°C (68°F). A too low or too excessive temperature will lower the efficiency of your scooter’s battery, resulting in your velocity being slower.

battery temperature vs scooter speed

High velocity drops if the battery is at low temperature –  50°F – 59.00 °F (beneath 15-10 levels Celsius)

How to guard your self

There are sure methods to guard your self when going fast:

  • Put on a motorcycle helmet
  • Put on protecting gear for elbows and knees.
  • Adapt the velocity to the climate, terrain and site visitors circumstances
  • Get used to using an electrical scooter earlier than driving at full velocity
  • Don’t take corners (even small turns) with excessive velocity. All the time journey in a straight line on flat terrain if touring at full velocity.
  • Clearly, at all times preserve each arms on the handles.

Take a look at my really useful equipment I can’t journey with out.

electric scooter protective gear

Electric Scooter protecting gear

Steep hills?

There are loads of electrical scooters appropriate for hilly areas like San Francisco. They are normally geared up with a robust electrical motor of 500 watts as much as 1000 watts. Take a look at our really useful e-scooters for climbing hills on this article.


Driving an electrical scooter is enjoyable, and a lot of the riders need to see how full velocity appears like after getting used to using. All the time contemplate security measures and journey at excessive speeds solely when doable and protected: flat and dry terrain, no site visitors and in a straight line. On this publish, yow will discover our security suggestions for using an electrical scooter.

Most electrical scooters attain a velocity of 25-30 km/h (16-19 mph) at full velocity, however most of those electrical scooters are manufacturing unit restricted, so they are able to attain greater speeds if unlocked. Some fashions will be unlocked instantly by going to the scooter’s management panel and disabling the velocity limitation, whereas a few of them require firmware change which is extra sophisticated. Take a look at what’s the max velocity you may journey an electrical scooter legally relying in your state on this article.