Exactly where can you take an electric scooter?

It is no surprise that the electric scooter is such a successful invention. Electric scooters provide light and portable motorized transportation for their users. Both lighter recreational scooters and sit down scooters for persons with disabilities are popular. The electric scooter is sure to be with us for many decades.

Where can one take an electric scooter? One might want to carry an electric scooter onto a bus, train, or plane, but would one be allowed to do this? The rules vary for different situations and vary in different countries. The type of scooter you are using also affects the rules about where you can take it. Heavier scooters that use more powerful batteries may not be allowed in some places that lighter scooters are.

Usually, restrictions on where one can take a scooter are fairly lenient. One may be surprised by how lenient the restrictions on where one can take a scooter are. Laws that protect the disabled often ensure that one can travel with a scooter.

Can one take an electric scooter on a plane?

One would think that planes would not allow electric scooters, especially since airport security is so much more restrictive than it used to be. In reality, planes tend to allow scooters! Only if an electric scooter has a powerful battery (more than 160Wh) is it not likely to be allowed on a plane. Since different airline companies have different rules, one will have to check with their airline first. However, the rules are much more lenient than one might think. Don’t attempt to bring a more powerful scooter on a plane; they will surely ask you what the battery size is.

Laws in Asia, especially China, are stricter. The maximum allowable battery size varies from one part of the world to another and can be much lower than 160Wh in some places. The American Federal Aviation Administration has precise regulations about what types of batteries are allowed on planes. The European Union has its own guidelines. Batteries weaker than 160Wh are likely to pass only more lenient European and American restrictions. Different airlines are also different and can be stricter than the minimum AFA or EU standards.

More about the battery limit

An important thing to keep in mind is that batteries between 101Wh and 160Wh may not be allowed on planes unless you tell the airline in advance. Make sure you find out as much information as possible about whether or not you can fly with your scooter in advance. One does not want to run into an unsolvable problem at the airport. Beware of extra fees for your electric scooter – they may charge extra for what they might call sports equipment. Make sure that you have a luggage container that your scooter can fit in. Above all, know the rules of your specific airline. The odds are in favor of an airline permitting it.

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Are electric scooters allowed on buses?

The rules vary from one country to another. Small recreational e-scooters tend to be allowed on buses anywhere. These are small enough that they do not inconvenience the other passengers. Larger scooters for persons with disabilities may run into more problems in some countries. In the United Kingdom, any type of mobility scooter is allowed on a bus if the driver approves. Drivers have the right to refuse if it would seriously inconvenience other passengers.

If the bus is too crowded, the driver may refuse. In Europe, scooters are not yet as commonly used as they are in the USA or the UK. One may, therefore, have more problems with bringing scooters on buses in European countries. Some cities provide better for those with limited mobility than others. One should know in advance whether or not they will have any problem with public transportation in the city they are visiting.

In the USA, one will usually have the least trouble bringing mobility scooters onto buses. The Americans with disabilities act of 1990 requires buses to accommodate the disabled. This does not mean that all scooters will be allowed at all times, but even heavier scooters with handlebars are permitted on buses in the USA.

Are electric scooters allowed on trains?

Usually, trains, as well as planes, are fairly lenient about allowing electric scooters. When taking a scooter onto a train, the size of the scooter rather than the battery is an issue. If one’s folded up scooter is too large for luggage, it will not be allowed. Always know what your scooter can fit into and exactly what is too large to be allowed on your train. Be on the safe side – do not attempt to bring your electric scooter with you if the scooter is just barely large enough to fit.

Can one take a mobility scooter on a train?

Sometimes, the rules are more lenient for scooters used by people with disabilities. However, a company is under no legal obligation to allow mobility scooters. All companies have their specific limitations on the size of mobility scooters that are permitted. Non-foldable scooters are more likely to be allowed if a person uses them due to having limited mobility. You may need documents that prove you have a disability.

You may even have to have a scooter permit for the specific company you are traveling with. A maximum length of 47 inches (or 120 cm) and a maximum width of 27.5 inches (or 70 cm) is often the limit, but each company is different. If you intend to reserve a seat for the scooter, which is sometimes the only option, you will have to book it a day or two in advance. Again, always make very sure that your scooter will be allowed before you travel with it.

Do cruise ships allow electric scooters?

Contrary to what one might assume, one can bring a small electric scooter on a cruise ship. Even when fully assembled, recreational electric scooters and mobility scooters for persons with disabilities can fit through doors on cruise ships. While cabin doors are narrow, an assembled scooter can sometimes fit through a 30 or even 22-inch door. One may have to make sure to get a cabin with a wide enough door for their scooter.

A cruise ship is likely to have many restrictions on where one can use their scooter on the ship. Taking your scooter out on land during the cruise may not be allowed. The crew members may not be allowed to lift a heavier scooter onto land for you.

Can one bring an electric scooter to Disneyland?

Disneyland and most other large theme parks are friendly to the disabled. There is plenty of conveniently located parking for the disabled in Disneyland, so one will not have to take their scooter through much of a large and dangerous parking lot. Even large and heavy scooters are allowed at the park. Be warned that driving a scooter through Disneyland can be a stressful experience. Due to the crowds, one will have to pay a lot of attention to avoid hitting anyone.

Recreational e-scooters are also fully allowed. If one is temporarily disabled, they may be able to rent a wheelchair or scooter at the park, but they are in limited supply. Always arrive early if one intends to rent a scooter or wheelchair. One cannot reserve scooters or wheelchairs in advance. Check out all the rules for Disneyland here (link to Disney website).

Can one use a mobility scooter at Kew Gardens?

Unfortunately, one cannot bring mobility scooters into Kew Gardens. One can borrow a wheelchair when visiting, but electric scooters are not allowed. Most of Kew Gardens is accessible to those using manually operated wheelchairs. The Gardens are not nearly so difficult for persons with disabilities that they should be avoided. Have a read on do’s and do not’s on their website here.

Are recreational e-scooters banned in some cities?

Yes. Some cities consider electric scooters to be too dangerous to allow and ban their use completely. Nashville, for example, banned recreational scooters after one scooter-related death, Paris also banned them after fatal accidents. Other cities and regions pass laws defending the use of electric scooters. New York state recently legalized the use of these scooters.

Can one use a mobility scooter at Legoland?

The vast majority of Legoland is available to users of mobility scooters of any size. The exception to this is a single pathway between Viking River and Star Wars Miniland. However, one can access both of these locations through different routes if one is using a mobility scooter. Read more about Legoland rules on their website here.

Can you use an electric scooter in parks?

You may be able to use an electric scooter in parks that allow the use of bikes, skateboards or roller skates. Just keep your head up for bike signs or other signs that could prohibit the use of such vehicles. Even if they are allowed in some parks, make sure you don’t annoy anyone with those. Don’t use your bell or speed up around people.

Can one use a mobility scooter at a museum?

Different museums have different rules. If a museum does not allow you to enter it using a scooter, they are likely to store the scooter for you and give you a wheelchair to explore the museum with. Many museums are very scooter friendly and will allow you to visit everywhere in the museum without being able to use stairs.

Laws and rules relating to scooters vary not only from one country to another but from one city and one business to another as well. For this reason, anyone planning to take a scooter with them on a long trip should know what the law in each city is. While national restrictions are usually lenient, cities and businesses often impose stricter restrictions. Always know in advance.


It’s always advised to check if you can take an electric scooter with you in locations which don’t have special rules about this. There is no general rule, but be aware that special places like museums, city centers or parks prohibit the use of electric scooters because of various reasons like the lack of space, cleanliness, traffic, crowd etc