Everything about rental electric scooters models

Electric scooter rentals are becoming an increasingly popular way to navigate cities across the world, especially the US. They are providing an inexpensive, fun, and easy to operate in navigating the cities. The best of all is that they reduce both harmful carbon dioxide emissions and traffic congestion. Scooters have come a long way in terms of technology since the ’90s.

Most of them are now featuring smartphone unlock, allowing you to pick up and drop off anywhere in the city. They have also equipped with an electric motor that makes acceleration as easy as pressing down on the thumb throttle. This popularity has seen the rise of many rental companies’ scooters. What scooters do rental companies use? Here is an exclusive look at rental companies’ scooters.

Rent A Scooter Price

By now, you have most probably tried or seen a rental scooter available in most cities around the world. The cost of renting a scooter mostly goes for a dollar to start and about fifteen cents per minute.  To start your ride, you can either reserve a scooter or walk up to a scooter. Scan the QR code on the handlebar using the company app to unlock it.

Electric scooters are fun and useful, but when the cost starts to accumulate, you might need to know the best and cheaper electric scooters in the market. A two-mile ride takes about ten minutes and costs about $3. When you arrive, you don’t have to plug it in or take it inside. You just need to leave it at a public space where it does not block traffic.

How to rent an electric scooter?

We used LIME electric scooters as an example:

  1. Search and download the Electric Scooter App from the smartphone’s store (Lime Bike in this example)
  2. Navigate to an electric scooter using the mobile phone app.
  3. Scan the QR code in order to start the scooter

Once you are done press “End ride” on your mobile phone app.

Here is a short demo:

Segway-Ninebot S Shared Scooter Model Max

Segway-Ninebot S Shared Scooter Model Max

What Electric Scooter Does Jump Use?

The Uber company owns jump scooters. Uber first relied on Xiaomi Ninebot scooters when they were first launched. However, Uber has recently unveiled a new model of its JUMP electric scooters that features hand brakes and a bigger frame. This version is no longer the case with the first version as JUMP decided to partner with a different company that they did not want to reveal. The new version features a bigger and more durable frame as well as better brakes similar to those on bikes. The company did not provide any other specification for the new generation scooters.

Jump Electric Scooters

Jump Electric Scooters

What Electric Scooter Does Other Companies Use?

The above-listed companies are not the only players in the rental scooters business. More and more companies are popping up as new markets continue to start. For example, Italy and Germany will legalize electric scooters soon. Some of the emerging companies include Spin, Scoot, Wheels, VeoRide, Bolt, and Skip. Almost all electric scooter in the world comes from Chinese companies. Ninebot is one of the single most significant sources of scooters. Along with this company is Xiaomi, a Chinese company famous for its quality Xiaomi scooters.

Do I Need Safety Equipment (I.e., Helmet) When Riding A Rental Scooter?

The need to be safe should never be eclipsed by the excitement of your first ride on a scooter. Speed doesn’t kill anyone; it is immediately becoming stationery that gets you. Scooters are exposed to everything around because they don’t have airbags, crumple zones or padding. You need to ensure you strap on a helmet as safety equipment in case of an accident.

Also, you should ensure you pump the brakes on your rental scooter to confirm that they are working properly before unlocking it. When you hit the road, follow all the traffic was such as one way and stop signs and make sure your hands are on the handlebars always unless signaling to show an upcoming turn.


Rental companies’ scooters are growing tremendously and are here to stay. Despite the dismay about how they have been rolled out, they have the public opinion on their side. According to research statistics conducted in the Micro-Mobility Revolution study in various cities, more than seventy percent of respondents gave a positive view of scooters.

No matter what side of opinion your argument falls on, it is only time that will tell if the best mode of hitting the streets will be scooters, dock fewer bikes or new transportation mode yet to be launched.