Electric Scooter vs (e)Skateboard? Pros, Cons and Verdict

There’s a downside often called the final mile downside. It’s the concept that the final mile of any journey in a metropolis is an issue. We really feel that electrical scooters, electrical skateboards, and normal skateboards may help to alleviate that problem. Which one although is the most effective so that you can use?

We’ll begin by electrical scooters and electrical skateboards, and then we’ll come again to the peculiar skateboard. We consider all of them can clear up the journey downside although. You will get all of them on public transport or within the boot of your automobile, and they will then be used to overcome the final mile simply.

What is quicker an e-scooter or e-skateboard?

Allow us to begin on the query all of us need the reply to, is an electrical scooter sooner than an electrical skateboard. In line with the Guinness Ebook of World Information, the quickest velocity ever gone on an electrical skateboard is 59.55 mph. At that velocity, you’d end your remaining mile in a minute, but it surely won’t be the most secure method through which to finish the journey.

There hasn’t been an electrical scooter file set but. So, if you wish to see one, it is perhaps time to go and set the file your self. There may be although a Motability scooter file of virtually 110 mph. I’d like to see somebody hit that velocity on an e-scooter.

In manufacturing electrical skateboards the 2 quickest are the Blink Qu4tro and the Boosted Stealth. The Blink can stand up to 23 mph, and the Boosted goes an additional mile per hour sooner. It does value you double although to get that additional mph.

Electric scooter smart it appears to be like to be the Nanrobot D5+ that’s the quickest. The D5+ has a reputed high velocity of 55 mph. Electric scooters then are able to going twice as quick as electrical skateboards. A superb motive for this can be their mobility.

What is simpler to maneuver round on?

Electric scooters are simpler to experience than electrical skateboards. You may have a pleasant secure deal with to carry onto, and that brings you loads of confidence. I don’t assume it ought to breed the arrogance to experience the Nanrobot at 55 mph down a crowded metropolis road although.

You’ll additionally should be supremely assured in your skills to experience an e-skateboard at over 20 mph down a metropolis road as effectively. You may although desire the skateboard as you possibly can surf down the sidewalk and really feel at one with your self and your environment.

What’s cheaper an e-scooter or e-skateboard?

As you possibly can in all probability guess our super-fast variations of e-scooters and e-skateboards are costly. The Nanrobot prices a couple of hundred {dollars} greater than we’d pay for a median e-scooter. In a earlier article, we labored out that the most effective value level for purchasing an e-scooter was round $350.

Electric skateboards all value a bit greater than electrical scooters. We might be round $500 to get a good electrical scooter. The Boosted talked about above is available in at about three x that value and greater than double the value of the Nanrobot e-scooter.

The explanation for the upper value is that electrical skateboards are a a lot smaller market than e-scooters. E-scooters have a lot bigger economies of scale. The extra e-scooters which are made, the decrease the value turns into. As e-skateboards are more durable to experience, fewer individuals are shopping for them, and the value is staying greater.

Which one is extra sensible?

When you fold an e-scooter for storage, it is going to have an identical footprint to that of an e-skateboard. Each are capable of be simply carried on public transport and hidden away within the nook of the workplace in the event you use both to commute on.

You’ll discover that the majority e-scooters have pneumatic tires and e-skateboards are nonetheless utilizing urethane wheels. Pneumatic tires will assist you to to roll over tough and uneven floor. They are going to deal simply with cracks within the sidewalk or native roads.

Urethane wheels, even ones as gentle as these on electrical skateboards, don’t discover it as straightforward to recover from bumps. A stone within the unsuitable place and a scarcity of consideration may be a wonderful solution to get a free flying lesson. Additionally, you will really feel much more of the highway by your ft. These vibrations could make an e-skateboard really feel extra of a chore than a pleasure at instances.

Practicality smart the e-scooter has the benefit, and it’s simpler to experience. There could also be these good summer season days when cruising on an e-skateboard is an absolute pleasure and will make you surprise why you ever purchased an e-scooter. You may have purchased considered one of every, proper?

How a lot upkeep do I’ve to do?

The benefit of urethane wheels is that you simply’ll by no means get a puncture. Together with your electrical scooter’s pneumatic tires this can be a completely different story. It would be best to verify your tires weekly to verify they’re as much as strain and that you don’t have any flints sticking in your tires.

For those who preserve your tires as much as strain, the proper strain can be written on the tire’s sidewall; you’ll restrict your possibilities of punctures. Carrying a puncture restore outfit and mini-pump in your bag may also restrict your possibilities of needing to repair a flat tire on a visit.

Moreover your tires, electrical scooters and skateboards would require about the identical upkeep, which is to say just about none. You’ll wish to preserve your electrical motors clear, verify your wheel bearings, and be certain nothing is broken. Fairly easy actually.

Electric scooter versus a non-electric skateboard

We now have regarded on the variations between electrical scooters and electrical skateboards so what about non-electric skateboards. The very first thing I’ll do is make clear the kind of skateboard. We’re not going to check the e-scooter with penny boards or freestyle skateboards.

Penny boards are fairly terrible for cruising any severe distance. Yeah, they appear cool, however they suck. We received’t be freestyle boards as they’ve onerous urethane wheels which are normally small. These wheels are nice for doing tips with however will allow you to really feel each crack within the sidewalk.

We’re going to evaluate an e-scooter to a longboard. Longboards don’t essentially should be longer than freestyle skateboards. The “lengthy” comes from the very fact they’ve a protracted wheelbase. They don’t want the lengthy nostril and tail of trick skateboards.

The lengthy wheelbase can be what you’ll discover on electrical skateboards. The explanation for the lengthy wheelbase is that your board turns into extra secure. Permitting you to surf the highway on the best way to work. Within the electrical skateboard, it additionally helps to suit the motor and battery in.

Which is quicker?

Once more the skateboard has a world file. The quickest velocity ever gone on a skateboard is 91.17 mph. Admittedly it was set down the aspect of a mountain and not pushing by metropolis site visitors. The purpose right here is {that a} battery or a motor don’t restrict you.

You’re solely restricted by your self. You’ll be able to very probably push at a snug 10 mph on a skateboard round your metropolis. That velocity will appear lots sufficient, and you’ll have time to soak up the sights.

Is a skateboard simpler to hold?

Your skateboard will take up as a lot room like an electrical skateboard or scooter. There may be one huge benefit although. A non-electric skateboard doesn’t have a motor or battery connected to it. You’ll be saving loads of weight by not having to hold them round as effectively.

What ought to I pay?

You’ll clearly be saving some huge cash by not having to pay for a battery or motor, and you will discover good skateboards from $100 upwards. Additionally, you will not should pay to maintain it charged in the course of the yr. It could even assist cease you from having to pay for the gymnasium.

Which is extra sensible?

The skateboard is simply as sensible as each the e-scooter or the e-skateboard. Except you might be unfit and have to get someplace in a rush, in the event you depart going to work until the final minute you’ll be higher off with one of many battery-powered choices.

Does a skateboard want upkeep?

You’ll once more not have loads of upkeep to do. You’ll virtually have none to do in the event you simply depart your bearings in till they die. For those who don’t wish to verify tires and motors, then the straightforward skateboard may simply be your choice.


In case your time-strapped and desire a extra environmental type of transport than a automobile, an electrical scooter is a good choice. It is going to get you to and from work at a good tempo and will hardly take up any room in your own home.

For those who fancy browsing town your solution to work, then the e-skateboard could be a fantastic alternative. It is going to hopefully have you ever smiling for the remainder of your day. If you wish to get monetary savings and nonetheless surf town, then the common-or-garden skateboard would be the most suitable choice for you.

All three of our choices although will get rid of the final mile downside.