Electric scooter suspension – All you need to know

Selecting between an electrical scooter with suspension and one with out could make a big impact on the consolation of your experience. That’s why we’ll discover this subject in order that you can select the precise electrical scooter.

Do electrical scooters have suspension?

Some electrical scooters have shock absorbers/suspension that may drastically enhance using on troublesome terrain. However not all electrical scooters have suspension.

Selecting between an electrical scooter that has suspension and one with out is without doubt one of the most essential standards after the battery. If you have plenty of bumps and tough terrains in your every day experience, you ought to think about getting an electrical scooter with suspension.

By no means select an electrical scooter with airless tires however with out suspension. The expertise gained’t be nice.

Please concentrate to the next headings about suspension vs no suspension and suspension vs tires.

What are the components of the suspension mechanism?

The suspension of an electrical scooter just isn’t exhausting to dissect. The mechanism is far easier than different autos, reminiscent of automobiles, snowmobiles, and heavier bikes.

The primary parts are:

  • Preload – This time period could sound difficult, but it surely’s really easy. The preload raises the suspension and retains it close to the highest of its journey.
  • Coil/Spring – The coil/spring travels up and down in order that you will really feel fewer shocks when using. The position of the coil/spring is to set your experience top, maintain your weight, and scale back the affect of the electrical scooter when popping out of a bump.
  • Shock – This component controls the motion of the spring and retains your wheels on the bottom.
  • Limiter straps – These restrict the affect of the shocks.

Earlier than each use

It is best to test some components so as to guarantee a nice experience:

  • All screws (learn and entrance) of the wheels are tight
  • The folding axis is within the appropriate place
  • The peak adjustment button is mounted
  • The handlebar blocking button is mounted
  • Brakes and lights (entrance LEDs, rear place lights, and brake lights) work

Suspension vs no suspension

Selecting between an electrical scooter with out suspension and one with relies on what you are planning to do along with your scooter. If you are going to work or faculty with it or if you have a pleasant bike monitor to your vacation spot, you can get one with out suspension.

The primary distinction between a suspension scooter and one with out is the worth. Electric scooters which have suspension are often extra expensive.

The suspension helps with little bumps on the highway and improves the standard of your experience.

Suspension vs Tires

If you have appeared into electrical scooters, you could have seen that a few of them have airless tires. Mine does, but it surely additionally has suspension, so I don’t fear about little bumps on the highway.

If you have airless tires however don’t have suspension, you will probably be in bother as a result of your experience will lack high quality.

I don’t recommend getting an electrical scooter with out suspension and with airless tires except you are utilizing it just for enjoyable or on good terrains.

To offer an instance, I rode a Myria Mi M365 and in contrast it with my UScooters Booster on a tiled highway. Myria Mi M365 doesn’t have suspension, but it surely has air tires, so it carried out higher on bumps than my electrical scooter with suspension however no air tires.

On a highway with larger bumps, I’m positive that it gained’t carry out in addition to a scooter with suspension.

How to regulate your suspension

Adjusting the screws

The suspension could get unfastened over time due to its fixed motion. Adjusting the suspension could be achieved pretty simply

You’ll be able to see if that is talked about in your consumer guide. Nonetheless, this type of technical specification is usually not talked about. Mine, for instance, solely provides tips on lubricating the scooter and checking the screws as soon as a month.

You’ll be able to regulate your electrical car suspension by enjoying with the screws. It is best to ensure that you aren’t setting them too unfastened. In any other case, sure components can crack and injury your electrical scooter. I recommend making use of some small changes, going out for a experience, and seeing if it’s higher. If not, repeat the method.

If you tighten the screws an excessive amount of, you will get a stiff suspension and really feel each bump on the highway. Nonetheless, if you set them too unfastened, you can lose your stability on bumps or turns.

You’ll need to determine what sort of screws your electrical scooter has and get a common package or screwdriver that can match that one. You’ll be able to simply discover these on Amazon.


In case your experience continues to be too bumpy or stiff, you can change the spring of the shock absorber. This entails some mechanical expertise. Sadly, this may’t be achieved as simply as adjusting a pair screws.

You’ll need to take away the screws, take away the previous spring, and insert the brand new one in the identical place. It is best to ensure that the brand new spring has the identical dimensions because the previous one. The area there may be very small, so a barely larger or smaller one could not match as nicely.

Suspension Upkeep


If you really feel the suspension is just too unfastened, too stiff, or if you hear unusual noises coming from it, the very first thing you ought to do is test the screws.

Electric scooters use screws so as to adapt and repair the suspension. You need to test these at the very least each month to be sure that they don’t get unfastened. Don’t tighten the screws an excessive amount of or else you will get a stiff suspension and really feel each bump within the highway.


The shock absorber strikes up and down many instances throughout a experience. As a result of it’s a continuously transferring half, the producers grease to it so as to lubricate it correctly.

If you don’t lubricate your suspension, you could hear unusual noises when you go over a bump. However the noise isn’t the principle drawback. With out grease, the transferring components “scratch” one another and damages the suspension and the spring.

How to do it?

To use the grease or lubricant, you need to fold the electrical scooter. This fashion, you can see and entry the shock absorber with out issues.

Subsequent, apply the grease or lubricant. They often are available in a twig can, so you can apply it simply.

Apply a good quantity of grease, however don’t go overboard or else  it’s going to leak.


Most producers advocate including a small quantity of grease or lubricant to the shock absorber and different transferring components or joints each six months.

I additionally advocate you to grease after winter storage. Not utilizing your scooter for just a few months could lower the standard of the grease.

Furthermore, if you hear unusual noises coming from the suspension, the very first thing you ought to do is apply a lubricant and see if this fixes the issue. If the lubricant doesn’t resolve the issue, some components could also be damaged.

Entrance Suspension vs Rear Suspension or Each

Some electrical scooters solely have a rear or entrance suspension. You’ll need to test the specs so as to see this. Hold this in thoughts as a result of s some electrical scooters are marketed to have suspensions, however they really solely have a rear or entrance suspension.

Having a full suspension is essential, particularly if you will experience on bumpy terrains.

rear suspension on an electric scooter

The rear suspension on an electrical scooter


What sort of terrain do you plan to experience on? Is it an ideal monitor or one that’s unpaved, tough, and bumpy? Relying on this, you will probably be in a position to select between an electrical scooter with or with out suspension.

As well as, you ought to concentrate to the tires. They could not appear essential, however they actually are. It’s dangerous to have airless tires with out suspension.