Electric scooter suspension – All you need to know

Choosing between an electric scooter with suspension and one without can make a huge impact on the comfort of your ride. That’s why we will explore this topic so that you can choose the right electric scooter.

Do electric scooters have suspension?

Some electric scooters have shock absorbers/suspension that can drastically improve riding on difficult terrain. But not all electric scooters have suspension.

Choosing between an electric scooter that has suspension and one without is one of the most important criteria after the battery. If you have a lot of bumps and rough terrains in your daily ride, you should consider getting an electric scooter with suspension.

Never choose an electric scooter with airless tires but without suspension. The experience won’t be pleasant.

Please pay attention to the following headings about suspension vs no suspension and suspension vs tires.

  • All screws (read and front) of the wheels are tight
  • The folding axis is in the correct position
  • The height adjustment button is fixed
  • The handlebar blocking button is fixed
  • Brakes and lights (front LEDs, rear position lights, and brake lights) work

Suspension vs no suspension

Choosing between an electric scooter without suspension and one with depends on what you are planning to do with your scooter. If you are going to work or school with it or if you have a nice bike track to your destination, you can get one without suspension.

The main difference between a suspension scooter and one without is the price. Electric scooters that have suspension are usually more costly.

The suspension helps with little bumps on the road and improves the quality of your ride.

Suspension vs Tires

If you have looked into electric scooters, you may have noticed that some of them have airless tires. Mine does, but it also has suspension, so I don’t worry about little bumps on the road.

If you have airless tires but don’t have suspension, you will be in trouble because your ride will lack quality.

To give an example, I rode a Myria Mi M365 and compared it with my UScooters Booster on a tiled road. Myria Mi M365 doesn’t have suspension, but it has air tires, so it performed better on bumps than my electric scooter with suspension but no air tires.

On a road with bigger bumps, I’m sure that it won’t perform as well as a scooter with suspension.

How to adjust your suspension

Adjusting the screws

The suspension may get loose over time due to its constant movement. Adjusting the suspension can be done fairly easily

You can see if this is mentioned in your user manual. However, this kind of technical specification is often not mentioned. Mine, for example, only gives tips about lubricating the scooter and checking the screws once a month.

You can adjust your electric vehicle suspension by playing with the screws. You should make sure that you are not setting them too loose. Otherwise, certain parts can crack and damage your electric scooter. I suggest applying some small adjustments, going out for a ride, and seeing if it’s better. If not, repeat the process.

If you tighten the screws too much, you will get a stiff suspension and feel every bump on the road. However, if you set them too loose, you can lose your balance on bumps or turns.

How to do it?

To apply the grease or lubricant, you need to fold the electric scooter. This way, you can see and access the shock absorber without problems.

Next, apply the grease or lubricant. They usually come in a spray can, so you can apply it easily.

Apply a fair amount of grease, but don’t go overboard or else  it will leak.


Most manufacturers recommend adding a small amount of grease or lubricant to the shock absorber and other moving parts or joints every six months.

I also recommend you to grease after winter storage. Not using your scooter for a few months may decrease the quality of the grease.

Moreover, if you hear strange noises coming from the suspension, the first thing you should do is apply a lubricant and see if this fixes the problem. If the lubricant doesn’t resolve the problem, some parts may be broken.

Front Suspension vs Rear Suspension or Both

Some electric scooters only have a rear or front suspension. You will need to check the specifications in order to see this. Keep this in mind because s some electric scooters are advertised to have suspensions, but they actually only have a rear or front suspension.

Having a full suspension is very important, especially if you will ride on bumpy terrains.

rear suspension on an electric scooter

The rear suspension on an electric scooter


What type of terrain do you plan to ride on? Is it a perfect track or one that is unpaved, rough, and bumpy? Depending on this, you will be able to choose between an electric scooter with or without suspension.

In addition, you should pay attention to the tires. They may not seem important, but they certainly are. It is bad to have airless tires without suspension.