Electric Scooter Range – How far can you travel

The main concern that people have when deciding if they will or won’t get an electric scooter is the range or, simply put: how far can they travel on an electric scooter?

While the answer depends on the model, battery, speed, weather, rider’s weight, and type of terrain you are riding on, you can travel between 6 and 25 miles on an average electric scooter.

Who thought electric scooters will become an important mean of transportation and, more than that, accepted by adults? I certainly did not and saw these little things like kid’s toys.

However, the reality is that, in my humble opinion, this is currently the most practical means of transportation in a crowded city. Lightweight, foldable, and small you can get to work quickly, avoiding all the traffic jams or get to the nearest public transportation station using them.

Even if you use them for a “last-mile” or for a full ride, we will explore how much can you travel on an average electric scooter and how to improve that range if you want to.

Carrying the charger with you is not a big issue as most of them are small and weigh less than 1 pound, but why bother if you have enough power for the day?

As you will see, the power length and price tag go together when talking about electric scooters. I got the most popular electric scooters and their power range specs from Amazon’s website. Also, I listed the current price. While this is not completely reliable as it changes permanently, it proves the point of relation between price and battery power.