E-Twow – Uscooter ECO vs Booster – Which is the right one for you?

UScooters, also known as E-Twow scooters on some sites and in Europe, are very popular scooters available on the market. The stars of UScooters are undoubtedly the ECO and Booster model. As the name suggests, the main differences between them are speed and range. But is this all? Let’s put them head to head and see what’s the best for you?

It’s worth noticing that the UScooter ECO is also known as the UScooter Master or E-twow Master. So, if you see it on a website under this name, don’t worry, it’s the same thing.

UScooter ECO short intro

UScooter ECO, also known as E-Twow Master or E-twow ECO, is a popular electric scooter available on the market. It is one of the most lightweight scooters you can buy as it weighs only about 24 pounds. The technology used to design it is quite advanced, and the scooter has many of features such as regenerative braking (KERS – kinetic energy recovery system), a horn, an LED screen, LED lights, cruise control, suspension, and even a color display on some models.

You easily can get to work, school, or travel with it because it folds easily and can fit under your desk without problems. You can even take it on the plane or in your trunk when traveling.

It charges in about 2 hours, and that gets you as far as 16 miles with a speed of 16 miles per hour.

UScooter Booster short intro

The UScooter Booster or E-Twow Booster is the upgraded version of the ECO model. The main difference between the ECO and Booster model is the speed. The ECO model can do 16 miles per hour, while the Booster one can do 19 miles per hour or more.

While the ECO model is limited to 16 miles per hour and can’t be unlocked, the Booster model can be unlocked and it goes with 19 miles per hour without problems. The top speed I’ve gotten is 20.5 miles per hour (my weight is about 165 lbs).

Note that the speed the manufacturer provides is computed considering a 155 lbs person, riding at 12 mph (or 20 km/h), and a wind speed of 6 mph (10km/h) or less.

I’ve gotten to 16 mph on an ECO model easily, and so has my friend who is a little over 200 lbs (or 90 kg). On the Booster model, on the other hand, I’ve gotten to 20.5 mph (or 33 km/h), but my friend only went to 18 mph (or 29 km/h). I consider this to be decent considering his “extra” weight.

If you are a larger person, consider getting a more powerful electric scooter such as the UScooter Booster version.

Comparison table for the Uscooter ECO/Master vs Uscooter Booster

Scooter Model UScooter / E-Twow ECO UScooter / E-Twow Booster
Battery 24V 6.5 Amp 36V 8.7 AH
Range 16 miles 18-24 miles depending on model (Plus V, S Plus)
Top Speed 16 miles per hour 18-25 miles per hour depending on model (Plus V, S Plus)
Weight 23.5 lbs 23 lbs 12 oz
Engine Power 350 W 500 W
Charging time 1.5 Hours 3 Hours
Suspension YES YES
Maximum Weight Allowed 250 lbs (114 kg) 270 lbs (122 kg)
Cruise Control YES YES
KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) YES YES
Maximum Slope 15 degree 25 degree
Zero Start (Start without 3 mph minimum speed) YES YES
LED Auto Lights YES YES

For a full table containing all the specs, you can visit Uscooters’s specs page here.

Differences and Similarities


As we can see from the introduction and side by side table, the main feature of the UScooter Booster over the ECO version is the power. If you are a large person or your ride to work include steep slopes, you might consider getting a Booster version in order to avoid putting too much load on the electric motor and battery.

Also, if you have a long ride to work, consider getting the Booster version for more speed. However, the ECO version should be more than enough when used as a “last-mile” vehicle, and it’s cheaper.


The battery life or range is better on the Booster model. While UScooter ECO can do about 16 miles under manufacturer conditions, Boosters can do from 18-24 miles for a single charge depending on the model.

If you have a long ride to work or school, the Booster is the way to go.


Surprisingly, the size of both models is the same. These scooters are lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space. You can place them under your office without getting noticed by curious eyes.


Folded: 37.2 x 5.3 x 11.8 inches
Unfolded: 37 x 5.3 x 45.7 inches


Folded: 945 x 135 x 300 mm
Unfolded: 940 x 135 x 1160 mm

Pros and Cons of the ECO

The most important pro argument for the ECO is the price which is a lot lower than the Booster’s price. You can check the current price on Amazon here and for the Booster model here. I didn’t want to put a price here because it keeps changing, but the last time I checked, the ECO model is as much as 2x cheaper than the Booster model. This makes you think twice when choosing between them.

Pros and Cons of the Booster

The Booster has more speed, a little bit more range, and is capable of climbing hills (up to 25-degree slope which is enough on average, even mountains or city). I would get the Booster in these situations:

  • Long ride (over 4-5 miles) to work/school
  • If I were a larger person :D, for more power and acceleration
  • If my ride would involve climbing hills or slopes
  • Speed – the most important – after a few runs, 16 miles per hour will seem so boring


There is nothing to add here. As stated above, the ECO model is almost twice as cheap as the Booster which is the main reason I would consider getting the ECO version. I’ve got the Booster version of course, but here are the reasons why I would buy the ECO instead:

  • Use it as a “last-mile” vehicle
  • Short ride to work (I consider this about 3-4 miles)
  • The road to work is fairly flat with no big slopes that would require more power
  • Doesn’t break the bank

Which is right for you?

Well, you need to decide for yourself. I already presented the Pros, Cons, and which would be the best for me. Now, you need to consider your weight, ride, bank account, and make a decision. Either way, I must add that both are excellent scooters, and I wouldn’t regret either of them (maybe the speed of the Booster, but that would be all).

Why you should get an electric scooter?

Here are the reasons why I chose to buy an electric scooter:

  • I don’t show up sweaty for work.
  •  I avoid congestion from public transportation.
  •  It has a very good range, so I can do the whole ride with it and recharge it less often.
  •  I get easily wherever I want in the city, no matter if it’s the rush hour or not.
  •  It is compact, and I can take with it me anywhere, shop, mall, cinema, etc., even on public transportation, and, if that’s the case, no one argues with me or says “you are not allowed…” I don’t annoy anyone with it ever.
  • I can charge it almost anywhere I find an outlet like service stations, the office, or other places such as a coffee shop. You can get a coffee and, with a 15 minutes charge, you add some extra miles to the range.
  • It is fast, economical, and environmentally friendly.
  • It is easy to maintain – fewer moving parts, fewer headaches.
  • Its robust construction requires minimal cleaning – cleaning with a cloth will be sufficient.

A few more reasons specifically about UScooters / E-Twow’s

  • The warranty covers any manufacturing error in the first two years, excluding mechanical consumables or shocks.
  • The handlebar is adjustable in height, and the controls are handy.
  • Full tires are easy to change and relatively inexpensive.
  • Batteries are guaranteed for about 500-1000 load cycles (about 1-2 years).
  • Light rain and water are not an impediment to an E-TWOW/UScooter. All the sensitive components are waterproof following the IP54 standard.

One bonus reason: I think the future of transportation is fully electric.

There are some cons as well

  • You can’t ride it in very crowded places or where bike tracks are not available.
  • You can’t ride it on poor (unpaved or not well-maintained) roads.
  • It’s quite heavy, and, if you want to go to the mall for example, you can’t carry it with you. Some places have a space available where you can leave your electric scooter safely, but some are not. I always avoid getting into shops with it as it’s quite uncomfortable to carry.

Others Cons that can be noted regarding UScooters / E-Twow models:

The price

It’s a bit expensive compared to other electric scooters on the market. The Xiaomi Myria M365 is cheaper than the E-Twow models, but, in my opinion, it’s not as durable and well-made. However, the price can be an advantage. Both are made in China, so I expected a lower price on the E-Twow/UScooter models as well.

The price comes from the better battery, integrated display, and the quality of the materials.


You won’t have a flat tire using these electric scooters as they have full tires (airless), but you will feel more bumps in the road than with air wheels. The M365 and other scooters have air tires which are more comfortable. However, UScooters have suspension (both front and rear) which reduces the shocks. I found the Xiaomi M365 to be more comfortable on uniform concrete tiles, but over bumps, the suspension helped a lot more.

Metallic Deck

Under the deck plate, there is metal which can be easily scratched by stones or curbs. This could be improved if the manufacturers place rubber protection underneath the deck plate.

Carrying handle

A must have accessory for UScooters

In this article, we presented the most helpful electric scooter accessories that you may need. Probably the most important of them is a carrying handle. Without it, the E-Twow/Uscooter models are hard and too heavy to carry for more than 100 feet. I would suggest you get a scooter that comes together with a carrying handle in order to save on the shipping cost (if any). You will definitely need that as otherwise, your hands will hurt pretty bad.

On the flip side, these scooters weigh only about 24 lbs (or 11 kg) which is a lot less than other models which are about 31-35 lbs (14 to 16 kg).

The Horn

The horn is a good feature, but it’s almost not usable. The sound is pretty weird and sounds like a squeezed toy rather than a warning sound. It sounds like a cricket, and you can barely hear it in a crowded area or in traffic.

Some advice for beginners with UScooter / E-Twow scooters:

  •  If you are a beginner with an electric scooter, do not go out and try it on the road directly. Give yourself a little bit of time to practice how to brake, how the brake works, and at what are effective speeds for riding, brake distance, etc. Also, know the most important one: Learn how to use the EMERGENCY Break. It’s your new best friend.
  •  When you go out for a ride with your new electric scooter, I recommend getting a helmet! Personally, I use a bike helmet, which I find suitable for an electric scooter as well, gloves without fingers, and sometimes arm guards when in short sleeves. Extra pads are always welcomed.
  • Avoid wet asphalt, wet pavement (especially if it is glossy), snow, or ice. If you think the road is dangerous, reduce your speed or walk.
  •  Do not climb high curbs, you will shorten the life span of the suspension and the scooter.
  •  Avoid getting near cars as much as possible. It happened to me while riding on the edge of the road with about 16 mph or (25Km/h) and had to avoid open car doors, drivers leaving the parking lot without being secured, or without looking into the mirror. It’s recommended to use it on the bike lanes or special track only and not in crowded traffic. Pay attention to the curbs, adjust the speed, and use the mechanical brake together with the front (electromechanical) braking.
  • Reduce speed when taking corners.
  • Read the user manual and keep your electric scooter in good shape. Always lubricate the areas indicated in the user manual using a silicone-based spray. A Silicon WD40 spray will do. Replace all the parts that are rusty or damaged and tighten the screws if needed once a month.
  • Storage should be in dry places away from moisture and at recommended temperatures in order to preserve the battery life and prevent inside condensation which can damage the battery.


It’s not as good as a brand new Tesla, but, leaving the joke aside, it’s a practical means of traveling the city, and it’s effective during rush hours. You will save a lot of time, money, and nerves using an electric scooter in a crowded city. Also, you can spend your time in a pleasant way by riding on an electric scooter rather than being trapped in a car.

The investment value is good, and the economy over time is considerable. We now allow ourselves to choose a longer route with the smile on the face. Looking back to our childhood, we looked at scooters only as a fun thing to do when bored. But now, they are the future of personal transport which is a great thing. We can recall our childhood every time we ride an electric scooter which has become an adult toy now. 
What do you think about UScooters and which one will you choose: the ECO or the Booster version? Leave us a comment below sharing your experience with these scooters.