Do electric scooters explode? Watch this video

Electric scooters could “explode” or burst into flames as a result of a battery defect or malfunction. I’ve put the “explode” phrase between citation marks as a result of they really don’t explode however burst into flames inflicting the same visible impact to that of an explosion.

Batteries aren’t product of explosive supplies in order that they don’t explode. The one means a battery can explode if it’s product of lead acid and it’s overcharged. At that time, it leaks hydrogen which is certainly a flammable fuel which explodes below stress, warmth, spark of flames. However normally, the batteries have an inside resistance which stops the charging if it’s totally charged.

Anyway, small and fold-able electric scooter don’t use lead acid batteries. Let’s see what they use and why they burst into flames.

What batteries are used for electric scooters?

Most electric scooter use lithium-ion or lithium-metal batteries to function. These are excessive density batteries that may retailer loads of power. Due to their relative low weight in comparison with different sorts of batteries they’re most popular by electric scooters producers.

Dualtron electric scooters use a Lithium-Metallic battery.

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter makes use of a Lithium-Metallic battery.

UScooters/E-Twow electric scooters use a Lithium-Ion battery.

Qiewa electric scooters use a Lithium-Ion battery.

types of electric scooter batteries

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Why do batteries burst into flames?

With the intention to perceive this phenomenon, we should learn the way these batteries work.

They’re made of three issues:

  • Cathode
  • Anode
  • Lithium

how electric scooter battery works

An natural liquid is positioned between the cathode and anode. That is known as electrolyte. A separator can be wanted and this is made out of a porous materials.

The lithium travels by the separator, inside the liquid, between the 2 connectors: cathode and anode. (supply)

The primary causes for bursting into flames are:

  • manufacturing or design defect (eg. impurities launched within the battery) – you positive bear in mind Samsung Notice telephones
  • overcharging
  • improper charging utilizing a excessive voltage charger or non-standard charger
  • brief circuit of battery
  • battery bodily injury or exterior fireplace which may gentle the electrolyte
  • letting the battery completely drain a number of instances can injury the battery (metallic dendrites begin to type inflicting gaps between layers and short-circuit)

Watch these guys as they put lithium batteries to check:

Indicators {that a} battery might explode

Typically, batteries give clues of a doable “explosion”. Nonetheless, these aren’t dependable. The 2 huge indicators are:

  • Battery begin to swell or bulge and it’s not working correctly like discharging too quick
  • Battery is getting too sizzling (nonetheless this can even occur when climbing hills or using for an extended time period)

Are battery explosions harmful?

In line with Battery College (supply) lithium ion batteries are thought of secure, however there are simply too many batteries utilized in electronics and e-vehicles so failures are sure to occur.

“Lithium battery failure and overheating leads to a course of known as “thermal runaway,” which is a response inside the battery inflicting inside temperature and stress to rise at a faster price then could be dissipated.”

Lithium battery fires aren’t significantly extra harmful than different sorts of small fires, but it surely will depend on the state of affairs. The FAA has particular guidelines on the quantity of lithium batteries you possibly can take with on a airplane. (supply) Learn extra about getting an electric scooter(with a battery) on a airplane in our article right here.

Manufacturing batteries is a really pretentious course of due to the extremely skinny separators of 24µm or much less. Even when producers have loads of gadgets to cease impurities from reaching the wafers typically errors do occur.

How one can stop battery explosions on electric scooters?

One of the simplest ways to stop an explosion or your scooter catching a hearth is shopping for solely unique, branded batteries. Additionally, it is advisable observe the overall guidelines when charging them. We’ve a whole article devoted to charging an electric scooter battery correctly however here’s a brief snippet. Be at liberty to test the whole article about charging right here.

  • All the time go for a full cost
  • Do not cost it after a journey
  • Do not journey it instantly after charging
  • Cost it at room’s temperature
  • Hold your battery charged
  • Winter storage – Retailer it at room temperature away from chilly and humidity

Learn the complete description of every level within the linked article above.

How one can retailer batteries

All the time retailer your batteries at room temperature away from chilly, humidity or solar.

If in case you have gadgets at dwelling that use lithium batteries and also you go for a trip you may get a flame retardant case or bag. This manner, you possibly can place that digital machine inside it and be protected in case of a fireplace.


Lithium ion are a part of our on a regular basis life. They’re present in smartphones, laptops, tablets, e-vehicles and so forth. Even when they’re thought of secure by typical means and the overwhelming majority don’t explode or burst into flames there are some that do due to the explanations above. Nonetheless, small fires aren’t harmful and so they can shortly be put out. Batteries normally explode when they’re in operation, so almost definitely, you’ll see the fireplace and act quick.