Carrying Your Electric Scooter: The Right Way To Do It and Accessories

There are many reasons to why you may need an electric scooter, it could be to serve as a commuter means of transport or as an easy way to move around, but you’re not sure on just how you will move around with it without riding it? This article is a guide which contains excellent options that ensure the safety and easy carriage of your scooter with no stress on your part.

Scooters aren’t just for middle school children. They are made for all ages and can be ridden by everyone. Scooters offer a brilliant alternative compared to public transport that’s usually full during rush hours. Sometimes, you’ll end up standing close to strangers, and that isn’t a pleasant experience for most people.

A study published in February 2019 gave insight to just how much the global electric scooter industry was valued, and it was at $17.3 billion in 2018 and it is projected to witness a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period now, there’s no way only kids could be riding that much scooters is there? (Source)

Scooters allow you to enjoy traveling the byways at leisure, and you get to breathe fresh air and avoid traffic on your way. For some of us who work in offices, this is very important when you are rushing for a meeting or running late for work.

How To Carry Your Electric Scooter?

There are many ways to carry an electric scooter but the most common ways are using a strap, a handle, a bag or a case.

However, with all of these, if you don’t carry your scooter properly, you could get stained or stain someone among other things that could happen so knowing how to carry them could save you a lot of stress.

Ways to carry your electric scooter

Bag to carry an electric scooter

Electric scooter bag

These are easy to carry bags that enclose your scooters, keeping you completely safe from dirt and it protects the scooter from water if it’s raining and from other substances that could damage it. Transport bags are the best solution to stop yourself from getting your clothes soiled when transporting your electric scooter especially when you are rushing for work or a meeting. Your scooter is designed to be foldable, and this allows it to fit easily into the transport bag and stores it in any safe place.

The advantage of a transport bag is that you can feel free to move around any way you like after putting the scooter in the bag without the risk of getting stained. The bag covers your entire scooter, and is easier to carry through the crowd as a shoulder bag.

It is foldable so you could even carry it on you or it can be hung on the handlebar conveniently, and in a few seconds, it can be unfolded and used.

Durable and well-made transport bags are essential because they do not just serve as a means of transport. They also help extend the life span of your scooter because they help safely store electric scooters.

A transport bag that can be easily gotten on Amazon is Seway (click here to check the current price). This is a transport bag for electric scooters. Its oxford cloth, waterproof and it gives both you and your scooter optimum comfort.

Tip: your scooter should be cleaned before putting it inside your transport bag. This is important so as to avoid getting your bag dirty.

Strap on to carry electric scooters

electric scooter strap

Electric Scooter strap

Electric scooter strap provides an alternative option for carrying electric scooters. They are simple straps that are hung over the shoulders with the scooter attached on both ends of the belt. Straps do not fully cover the scooter, so you don’t need to fold the scooter before attaching it. Electric scooter straps are made with sturdy and tough nylon material which gives it both strength and flexibility, allowing maximum comfort. You should be careful when using straps since it doesn’t fully cover the electric scooter, you could easily get stained by the tires or the deck, and you could stain others so always remember to be careful and keep your scooter clean as much as you can.

TOMALL (link to Amazon) is an adjustable belt strap hand/ shoulders strap for electric scooters. It’s made of high-density nylon webbing strap, and it is durable, lightweight and very portable. It comes with a padded thickened shoulder strap so that there’s no pressure on your back. It has a carrying capacity of 77 lbs (or 35 kg), ensuring the safety of your scooters.

Case for electric scooter

electric scooter case

Electric Scooter case (Micro luggage)

Electric scooters have also been made with really cool attachments such as suitcases. They are relatively new to the public, but they allow you to get across pretty fast and it has an additional suitcase on it to help you pack. The function of this case is to serve as storage space and the wheels help you get across faster by close to 50% of your regular speed. It provides enough safe space for your clothes, books, documents, etc. It can still be folded and walked around with like a traveling bag, or you can ride on it, which is very cool. Electric scooter cases provide an alternative for fast and efficient travels allowing you to move across terminals and train stations faster to catch up to your flight or train, especially when you are already running late. They come with enough storage space to pack up for to four days, and it can be folded up to become just a regular suitcase.

Micro luggage reloaded (link to Amazon) created by micro kickboard, is designed for adults in airports and air terminals to save time and stress. It is also approved for use as carry-on, it also fits in an overhead bin.

Handles to attach to your electric scooter

electric scooter handle

Electric Scooter handle

Handles straps for electric scooters are easy to use handlebars that are attached to the stem of your electric scooter; they come in various designs and colors. They can be fastened by strapping or by buckling them to the electric scooter.

Handle straps are small, as a matter of fact, I think they are one of the coolest ways to get around with your electric scooter. They give you a comfortable feeling when you’re using them, they can be left on the scooter even when you’re riding it which gives you a better and faster experience carrying on or off public transports, staircases etc. all you have to do is get off and fold it then you’re good to go.

Angelia sky (link to Amazon): This is a universal electric scooter carrying handle produced by Angelia sky. It is durable, and rugged carry handle fits onto the stem (the part that connects the steering handles to the deck and wheel) of most electric scooters. This enables an easy and pain-free usage. It comes only in one color, black and has a maximum loading limit of 66 lbs (or 30 kg). It fits most electric scooter models, especially Xiaomi, Mijia, M365, Ninebot, Segway, etc.

Can an electric scooter fit in a trunk?

You may want to travel for a holiday, and you’ll need your electric scooter with you, but you’re not sure if its small enough to fit into your car trunk. Electric scooters have foldable joints, and this allows you to bend the handlebar as low as the deck. This maximizes its portability, making it possible to fit into small spaces such as your car trunk. They can also be put into transportation bags and then put into car trunks.

However, your trunk has to be relatively big. An average scooter is measured at 19-22 in length and 19.5 – 23.5 in width. This measurement doesn’t account for height because your scooter should be folded before you attempt putting it in your car trunk. With an average size of  72.5″ (or 184 centimeters) that’s average width of a car trunk, your scooter should be just fine. You can also go ahead and add other luggage alongside.

electric scooter inside a trunk

AirWheel Electric Scooter inside a trunk (source)

What other challenges have you faced with using an electric scooter?