Boosted Rev Electric Scooter – A Helpful Review

More and more companies are trying to push their scooters to the streets. Cars have multiple issues considering the city traffic. The lack of mobility, traffic jams, parking, and delays are putting the electric scooter ahead in the competition. Boosted is one of those companies that is all about electric vehicles. Boosted is actually an Electric Skateboard manufacturer, but now, it tries its luck with a brand new Electric Scooter named Boosted Rev.

The new Boosted Rev scooter has a price tag of about $1600, which may be considered too much for a small, foldable scooter. The average price of good electric scooters is around $400-700 and the top ones are about $1200. But what makes this scooter worth $1600? We need to find out!

A bit of history

Boosted is one of the first companies that promoted electric vehicles as a reliable mean of transportation. Boosted or Boosted board is their first electric skateboard. These were shipped to customers beginning with February 2014.

Boosted is an American private company based in Mountain View, California. Their market was limited to longboards, electric skateboards aka motorized skateboards. It was founded in 2012 by Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen and Matthew Tran. They presented a TED talk in which they’ve explored the transportation topic back in 2013.

Later, the Boosted Board product was renamed to Dual+. In 2017 the company started to explore other products besides skateboards. After receiving an incredible $60 million funding, they began working on an electric scooter design.

By introducing the Boosted Rev Electric Scooter the company is betting on the future of electric scooters. As you may know, introducing a new product is very expensive at the beginning, but the fact that this electric scooter is not that different from the electric skateboard helped them.

The new Boosted Rev share multiple characteristics with the Boosted Board electric skateboard and as the CEO says: “All you do is to put another framework on it”.

Why it’s more expensive?

If you ever ride a normal, average electric scooter and you jump on the new Boosted Rev, you will find the ride is pretty similar to that. But, the additional performance that the Boosted Rev is giving you is what drives the price higher.


As it shares most of the characteristics with Boosted Board, it has a powerful acceleration which is helpful when climbing a hill or overtaking some bikers on the bike lane. The top speed is 24 miles per hour (or 39 kph) which is greater than my UScooter Booster which is about 19mph (or 31 km/h).

The electric motors (yes, it has two of them!) power is impressive, it can generate a maximum of 1500 Watts which is huge comparing to other scooters, including mine which is capable of 500 Watts.

It has all-wheel drive (it’s funny because it only has 2) which helps at balance and stability.

Also, this is a great scooter for climbing hills as it’s capable of climbing a 25% hill without any problems. My UScooter Booster is also capable of that but at a much lower speed. It’s tested on the San Francisco hills so you can bet on it. The brake is also capable of extreme performance and you have 3 types of brakes, including an electric regenerative one (the other two are mechanical disc brake and rear fender brake). This is important when braking downhill. Without a disk brake, it would difficult to break downhill.


The range is 22 miles (or 35 km) for a single charge which takes about three hours. I consider this to be more than enough for city travel. I wrote another article on electric scooter range in which I’ve discussed some interesting facts about range. Check it out here.


If you know a thing or two about material quality, you can see it with naked eyes. The materials used to produce this scooter are high quality, durable and solid. It weighs 46 pounds (or 20.8 kg) which is above the average weight for an electric scooter. You can see it has a solid construction. Check out my other article on average electric scooter weight for some weird facts about weight.


The size is average, but the main disadvantage is that the folding system is the same as Xiaomi M365 and it’s occupying a little bit more space than the UScooter Eco or Booster. If you often travel with your electric scooter in your trunk as I do, you will find that a bit annoying.

Check out the difference in the following photos. You can see that UScooter Eco is taking a lot less space than the Boosted Rev.

Boosted Rev folded

UScooter ECO folded

UScooter ECO folded

But, the upside is that the mechanism is easier as there is a lever to pull and then fold. On other scooters, like mine, you need to press with your leg and push the handlebar forward at the same time, which takes a little bit more practice.


It integrates with iOS and Android and it has a nice App, but I don’t know how much you would use that. But for the first time, it might be interesting.

It has three modes, and you can feel it’s power once you switch to Mode 3. You can have some real fun with it.

Wheels and Tires

It has air-filled tires which offer more comfort but it’s also prone to a puncture. The tires are wider than most scooters and offer great stability. Combined with suspension, the air tires are impressive but Boosted Rev doesn’t have suspension, unfortunately.

Wet roads are still a problem as with most small electric scooters because the tires have a small width. But, compared to other scooters it’s much better.


It is made to be the most reliable scooter on the market. If it is or not, we will find out soon. What we know is that is designed to endure thousands of miles on it and be used even a ride-sharing scooter by companies such as Bird.

Other details

Booster Rev electric scooter is also waterproof and weatherproof so you can ride it in light rains.

It has both a headlight and brake light which makes them more “legal” and also help you in a night ride.

The regenerative brakes help you to prolong the range when you encounter multiple stops in your ride.

Disk brakes for maximum safety.


This scooter is top notch and designed with quality in mind. The price is also considerably bigger than other scooters but this comes from the quality of materials and the extra performance. If you ride a lot and you need a reliable scooter it can be a good option. As the company presents it, it should be the most reliable electric scooter on the market.


  • Speed & Power
  • Weatherproofing
  • Durability
  • Hill climbing abilities
  • Service


  • No front-wheel brake
  • No suspension but it has air tires at least
  • High price

Feel free to explore other scooters like the ones below before buying. They offer similar experience and performance, but at a lower price. If you don’t ride every day to work or school you can consider getting a Bird or any other rented scooter.