Best Electric Scooters With Seats that you can buy in 2020

Over time, we’ve seen scooters gain popularity as a means of transportation. Many people are integrating this transportation type into their daily lives, especially for movement around crowded cities. With this increasing popularity comes the need for innovativeness in the scooter industry. We are very impressed by how far scooter brands are going to make scooters more convenient for usage. Today, we have several different types of scooters available in the market, giving us more options to choose from.

For this article, we will focus on the now popular electric scooters that have a seat. This is a type of scooter that is becoming immensely popular, both among the young and elderly. It is an improved version of the kick scooter, but what makes it more spectacular is its innovative seat. Yes! Not all electric scooters are designed with a seat, but, for the ones that have one, comfort and convenience is no more a worry.

With all the functions listed so far, you can already see that this type of scooter is one to own irrespective of how old you are. However, I understand there are still a few people wondering why exactly they need an electric scooter with a seat. For this set of people, I will be focusing the next section on why and when the purchase of an electric scooter with a seat is necessary.

Why and When Do You Need an Electric Scooter with a Seat?

Great question. Electric scooters have gained so much popularity that a lot of people are beginning to ditch public transport systems for it. However, there are days when you may need to go a farther distance than you are used to with your electric scooter. At such times, how will you cope standing all through the trip? Well, not that isn’t a problem when we now have electric scooters with comfortable seats.

Electric scooters like these were invented to aid your convenience throughout any trip. In fact, most of them come with foot support and backrest, so you can be assured of maximum comfort throughout your ride. Such scooters help to reduce physical strain on your upper body.


  • Comfortable: As explained above, electric scooters are built with seats to help increase the rider’s comfort. There also are the backrest and foot support that further help you maintain a good level of comfort throughout any journey.
  • Easy Assembly: Most electric scooters with seats are designed for easy assembly in mind. During my research, I found that the assembly of most models doesn’t take even 10 minutes; yet, they still have a look that’s sturdy and strong.
  • Capacity: Most electric scooters with seats are power horses when it comes to carrying capacity. Compared to regular electric scooters, we found that the ones with seats can carry twice the load that ordinary electric scooters can. Note, however, that the carrying capacity differs from brand to brand, and you would want to check the capacity of a brand before setting for it.
  • Portability: Of course, portability is something great about electric scooters with seats. This type of scooter is mostly lightweight, so carriage in subways, trains, or buses shouldn’t be very difficult.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Among the many advantages of owning an electric scooter with a seat, its low maintenance cost is something worth talking about. In comparison to most other types of scooters, I found this type of scooter relatively easy to maintain.

Disadvantages of Electric Scooters

  • Legal Issues: While the use of scooters has gained popularity in some places, some other countries are becoming more strict with its usage. If you find yourself in a stricter country, using a scooter might be a little difficult for you. Please check local laws and rules before usage.
  • Inferior Brake Technology: Most electric scooters with seats come with friction/foot brakes. These types of brakes often have been proven not to be as effective as others. So, except you are using a good electric scooter with a seat that has disc brakes, you want to be careful about speeding up on your e-scooter.
  • Safety – Low Helmet usage: the Portland Electric Pilot Study notes that only 10% of scooter sharing riders wear a helmet. Seattle says in their safety report, 20% of their bike-share passengers wear a helmet. This shows that you have more people wear a helmet on motorbikes than on scooters. Be it electric or not.
  • Price: The price of an electric scooter with a seat is higher. Expect to pay up to $ 100 more for an electric scooter with a seat and between $ 50-100 more for an attachable seat.

What you should look for when searching for an attachable seat?

electric scooter seat

There are a few things you want to be careful when getting an attachable seat. I will explain each of them and then recommend you a few attachable seats that meet my criteria.

Height adjustable

Not all riders have the same height so in order to sit comfortable with both hands on the handles you need a height adjustable seat. The good news is 90% of attachable seats have this feature and you can easily adjust the height by the adjustment lock placed in the middle of the seat-post.

You should adjust the height to sit comfortably with both hands on the handlebars at a 90 degree angle. That’s the ergonomic position when sitting on your electric scooter.

Should not prevent folding the electric scooter

The seat should not prevent the folding of the electric scooter. It’s not easy to detach the seat every time you need to fold it. There are attachable seats on which you can fold the seat-post in the same way you fold your handlebar stem. Then, you can rotate the saddle to the right or left to let the scooter’s handlebar stem come in the folding position.

I attached a photo at the end of the article which describes this better than I do.

Comfortable saddle

You want an electric scooter with seat because you have a long ride, right? So, you want to sit comfortable on it. The best saddles are made of leather, elastic foam sponge or gel. These absorb the shocks better than other materials and are very easy to clean.

Shock absorption

If your electric scooter doesn’t have suspension, you definitely need one on your seat. Without it, you will have a rough ride. Even if you have suspension, an additional one on your seat would not hurt, especially if you have some off-road or curbs on your route.

Study seat-post and metal base

The seat should have a metal base. This way it will pass the test of time without problems. Also, the seat-post must be sturdy. These are usually made of steel or aluminium. The advantage of the aluminium one is that’s lighter than steel so it won’t affect your performance (speed and range).

Best Electric Scooters With Seats for Adults in 2019

Here is a review of some of the best electric scooters with seats. These options were selected after careful research on their features, look, and performance. I also took time to read up on numerous genuine customer reviews, so you can rest assured that each product listed here is worth being on the list of best electric scooters with a seat in 2019.



This is one of the fastest electric scooters with a seat that is in the market. It is a scooter that is better suited for off-road duties.


  • Can be ridden on all terrains
  • It is foldable
  • It is swift
  • Comes with a smooth control


  • it is quite heavy
  • it is pricey


This electric scooter is one of the most expensive in the market. But don’t be scared, it is worth every penny. It comes with great features that make it enjoyable. The 2000W motor power is impressive and it can go as fast as 40 mph. The range is also top notch as it can cover about 45 miles of distance. Another average feature of this scooter is that it is foldable, easy to store and can carry up to 330lb load. The battery is about 56 volts, which takes about eight hours to charge. When it charges fully, you can go 45 miles to wherever and back.

It is an electric scooter that is perfect for adults. It comes with a speed that is quite impressive. It also comes with two riding modes: the pro mode and the training mode. It weighs 60lb, which is quite heavy unlike other electric scooters with seats. Another focus is the pneumatic 10”. It is not as big as the EcoSmart, but it comes with an all-terrain riding capability.

Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

2. Razor EcoSmart Metro

If you are looking for an electric scooter that you can stay seated on throughout your ride, then this is certainly one worth trying. It combines its good look with an impressive level of functionality, so when you get on it, you can be assured of getting admirable looks from passersby.

Razor Ecosmart Metro


  • Comes with a rear luggage space for storage
  • Offers ease of control
  • 20 mph top speed
  • It comes with a unique design
  • Carries 200 lbs worth of load
  • Comes with basket storage


  • Not good at moving up hills
  • A bit too heavy for carrying.

Where to buy: Amazon.


However, it is not just the good looks of the Razor Ecosmart Metro that makes it stand out. While checking it out, I found a lot of interesting reasons why it is being hyped in review websites.

For example, riders that prefer to sit through their ride across the city will find this option perfect for them. It is also affordable, meaning that it goes for a few bucks lesser than most other options available in the market. In its physical build, I found that the scooter is built to have a seat and a large bamboo deck where you can rest your feet throughout your ride.  There’s also a rack behind the scooter, so carrying groceries and other small things or bags shouldn’t be difficult while on this scooter.

At an average of 18 mph, I think that this scooter has just the right speed to be used both on and off major roads. Each charge lasts up to 10 miles which is moderate for any electric scooter. This may not be the best scooter out there in terms of performance or portability, but it is one of the best options out there for first-time riders.

While looking through reviews, I found that a lot of buyers are impressed with this option – noticeable in the number of positive reviews it has. A lot of people think that it is a good buy for anyone on a budget that needs good transport means around their metropolis.

3. UberScoot 1600 Electric Scooter for Commuting

UberScoot 1600 Electric Scooter for Commuting

As an individual seeking to enjoy the best services available from an electric scooter, the UberScoot 1600 Electric Scooter for Commuting is one scooter that comfortably fits the bill, and it is no surprise to see how or why it does this adequately.


  • It has a unique design
  • Offers amazing mobility
  • Fast recharge
  • Long battery life
  • Very comfortable seat
  • It is foldable


  • A bit expensive


This electric scooter comes with a 48 volts battery which transforms to 1600 watts. The electric motor is very efficient as it’s brushless. There is another option if you don’t need such a powerful scooter. The UberScoot 1000 watts version looks almost the same but is slightly slower. Even so, 1000 watts is a lot of power as the average scooter only has about 400 watts.

This electric scooter also has an eco-mode. This way, you can maximize the battery life for long trips. Of course, there is a small downside to this as it will reduce the top speed.

The UberScoot 1600 is not the smallest electric scooter you can find, but the folding mechanism is pretty easy. So, even if the weight and size are considerable, the mobility won’t be a problem.

The range of this electric scooter is about 12 miles, but this depends on a number of factors.

The rear and front lights plus the removable and adjustable seat serve to make this ride one of the most ideal for several riders.

As I mentioned in the Cons section, the price is considered high for an electric scooter. But, quality comes with a price and the features this scooter comes with are not negligible.

Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

4. Super Turbo Elite 36v Electric Scooter

Super Turbo brand has an important  word to say in the electric scooters business. They are old players, and their product is top-notch. The build quality is impressive and this is a solid e-scooter. Check it out on Amazon.

Super Turbo Elite 36v Electric Scooter


  • The seat is adjustable
  • Extra tough and rugged design
  • Nice front rechargeable headlight
  • The battery lasts for long
  • The speed goes up to 26 mph
  • It is durable


  • No known faults


The company has an impressive history of making fault-proof and durable kind of scooters for some decades now. The Super Turbo Elite 36v electric scooter is designed for people who are interested in having some serious fun.

The electric motor is powerful and it develops 1000 watts. But, not to worry because it also has wide tires and disc brakes that compensate for the power.

The max load of this scooter is 250 lbs so it can hold most riders.

The Super Turbo Elite 36v is one of the most sturdy electric scooter you can find available on the market today.

When you consider the speed factor, this electric scooter can go as high as 26 mph, but again this depends on a number of factors like rider’s weight, weather conditions and the type of your ride.

This e-scooter has two buttons for extra fun: TURBO and ECO. You already know what these do because other scooters above has these features as well. These two features makes it a very versatile ride.

Overall, it is a great option for a comfortable and smooth ride.

5. GIGABYKE Groove 48V 750W Electric Moped

GIGABYKE Groove 48V 750W Electric Moped

GIGABYKE continues to take a top spot regarding electric vehicles. This is more of an adult toy because it’s large size. It’s not the typical electric scooter as it lacks certain features like folding and mobility. But, the GIGABYKE Groove 48V 750W Electric Moped scooter can be an option for long rides. Check it out on Amazon.


  • LED front lights
  • Can clock 20 MPH
  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • High-end materials used in construction


  • A little expensive
  • Limited color options


The GIGABYKE Groove 48V 750W Electric Moped is a scooter specifically designed for long comfortable rides. The battery and speed are great as it can go with 20 mph (legal speed in most states) and the battery lasts 35 miles.

Regarding it’s size, this electric scooter may need some sort of registration or license in some states, so I would suggest checking with the local authorities if this is the case.

You also want to buy a helmet because you will make long rides with this e-scooter.

Even if this looks like a motorcycle, you can find out that it only has a 48 volts battery and a 750 watts motor. Yes, you wonder why probably, as we saw smaller scooters much more powerful. Well, my guess is that this e-scooter is designed for comfort on long rides, not necessarily for speed.

You won’t suffer from paralysis by analysis when trying to decide which color you will get as the only one available is black.

6. Razor E300S Seated Electric Commuter Scooter

If you need a unique and distinct ride which can easily impress people around you, and also want a scooter that offers superb durability, then I am glad to inform you that the Razor E300S Seated Electric Commuter Scooter is the perfect solution for you.

Razor E300S Seated Electric Commuter Scooter


  • Impressive ergonomic design
  • Can go as high as 15 mph
  • Cool ride with no unpleasant sound
  • Kickstand is retractable
  • A sophisticated choice of colors
  • Easy to change batteries


  • Design is a bit outdated
  • Long charging time (up to 12 hours)
  • Range is small (40 minutes continuous ride or about 8 miles)
  • Not ideal for hilly regions


Razor is a classic company that produce excellent scooters. The Razor E300 is a model designed for long rides as it’s faster than other Razor models.

The speed is about 16 mph (or 26 kph) but the scooter only goes for 40 minutes rides. So, the range is about 8 miles.

The electric motor matches the elegant design perfectly as it produces high torque and is quiet. It features a 24 V battery plus a sealed battery system that allows the Razor E300 electric scooter to go on for up to 16 mph.

This electric scooter has a rear braking system which can be operated easily from the grip designed on the handle. The seat is designed to be very comfortable, plus it has an option that allows you to adjust or remove it.

This electric scooter is best for 12-year-olds and older. To recharge it fully takes 12 hours, which is considered a huge disadvantage over other scooters which recharge fully in 2 or 3 hours. If you run out of battery juice, you can’t just stop and charge it but what you can do is to replace the batteries if you have spare ones (they cost about 20$ and can be changed similar to a  battery car).

Check the current price on Amazon.

7. GoPlus Electric Scooter

Most electric shooter lovers are familiar with the brand, beyond just the manufacture of this particular one, for its ability to maintain the production of quality for a long time. It’s no wonder the GoPlus Electric Scooter has become a popular choice among workers.

GYMAX Electric Scooter


  • Portable option
  • Durable materials
  • Bright headlights for a late-night drive.


  • Touchy throttle.


As expected for such quality scooters, the GoPlus Electric Scooter combines good speed with impressive quality. Beyond the speed and quality, however, there are a lot of other reasons why you will love this brand. During my research, I found that the dolly weighs 27.3 pounds, which is impressively low for its quality. It is also foldable, so carrying it up and down your stairs shouldn’t give you too much stress.

I also found that this brand is built-in with a bright headlight and a reflector that is handy for use late at night or during snowy weather.

The manufacturers of this brand also paid attention to giving you something you can carry when you are not riding. Beyond its weight, it has a foldable design that looks like a suitcase, so carriage would never be a problem for you. It also has a kickstand that’s designed to help it stay upright on its own.

While reviewing the GoPlus Electric Scooter, the only noticeable drawbacks I saw is the presence of small wheels, as well as the lack of suspension. Beyond that, however, the GoPlus Electric Scooter has a lot to offer, and this can be seen in the number of positive reviews it can gather.

Where to buy: Amazon.

8. NANROBOT X4 Commuting Electric Scooter

NANROBOT X4 Commuting Electric Scooter

Despite its hefty price tag, the NANROBOT X4 Commuting Electric Scooter is still an excellent option for its ability to combine impressive performance with little weight.


  • Pretty comfortable seat
  • Easy to use
  • Durable option


  • Long charge time.


I am particularly impressed by the weight of this option because 33 pounds is a great weight for any seated electric scooter. The relatively lightweight design of this brand is handy for better acceleration and easier turns.

Beyond the weight of the NANROBOT X4 Commuting Electric Scooter, it has much more to offer. I consider it an option that will keep you away from your car for some time. It comes with nearly everything you would desire for an electric scooter to have. And hey, did I mention that it is exceptionally easy to use, so even people with very little experience in riding scooters can easily use it?!

The NANROBOT X4 Commuting Electric Scooter also is designed to be foldable, making it pretty portable, and fits for storage in a variety of places. From its innovative design, you can easily tell that it is built to go to as many places as possible.

While testing this option, I found a lot of its features likeable. First, its price is somewhat reasonable, compared to some others in its class. Secondly, it comes with a list of impressive features making it one of the best in its market.

Of course, the stats may not be the best in the market, but they are good enough for any average user. At 20 miles per hour, you can tell that it is built for use on any road.

It also comes with some impressive additional features that make usage easier and better.

Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

9. UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter

The UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter is one to look at if you are looking for a scooter that has just the right appeal to make it admirable to the general public. Like most other options in this review, the UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter comfortably combines its good look with impressive functionality. This perfect combination is not something you will see in many scooters today. Although it has its own drawbacks, you will certainly be impressed by the good sides of it, more than you will be disappointed at its negative sides.


  • Foldable design makes storage easier
  • Pretty fast
  • Not very heavy.


  • A bit high priced.


While reviewing this option, I found a lot about it impressive. Its speed is something to talk about. At a maximum speed of 26 mph, the UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter is one of the highest speed in this list. Beyond its speed, however, there is a lot about this brand that shows why it is deserving of our list of top electric scooters with seats.

It is obvious that the manufacturers of this option paid a lot of attention to power while creating this option. This assertion can be seen in how the option offers a 1000w power motor – a power range that I consider good enough for any city usage. Each full charge can take you on a journey of 10 miles before needing another charge.

The UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter is designed in a sporty style, making it a good option for people that are interested in good looks. I can’t deny the fact that it is attractive, convenient, and easy to use. In fact, it is one option that beginners can use without any problems. The foldable design of the scooter makes storage easier and better. When folded, it can be stored just anywhere, from the trunk of your car to your parking garage at home.

While checking out reviews, I found that, although a few users complained about its price, most of them were still impressed about its ability to deliver so much in terms of functionality. It is an option I will consider buying for older people that want to experience the youthful fun of riding an electric scooter.

You can buy it at Walmart. Check the current price on this link.

10. Drive Medical Electric Scooter

If you are looking for mobility scooter with a seat, Drive Medical Electric Scooter comes to mind.

On first look, you easily would think that the Drive Medical Electric Scooter will be heavy and hard to carry because if its bulky silhouette. On a closer look, however, I found it to be pretty lightweight. It is also easy to disassemble, so maintenance shouldn’t be too difficult. At 4.25 miles per hour, I consider it to be quite slow compared to most other options on this list. However, it is obvious that what it can’t give in speed, it is able to give in functionality, look, and physical features.

For instance, it is a three-wheel scooter, so you can be assured of its balance, even while riding on tough terrains. Its three-wheel construction makes it a great option to begin your journey into scooter world with.


  • Relatively low-priced
  • Offers easy maneuverability
  • Decently lightweight yet of good quality.


  • Can’t handle bumps


The delta-shaped steering handle is another feature that makes this option extremely easy. Add it with the balance, and you can tell that even a dexterous person would have an effortless ride on this one. The seat of the Drive Medical Electric Scooter particularly is created to help maximize comfort while ensuring that convenience is not in any way tampered with.

It is one of the most detailed options as far as electric scooters with seats are concerned. It has an adjustable armrest and backrest the allows for easy lighting from the scooter. I was glad to find that the model still comes with a foldable system, despite being relatively inexpensive. So you can pack it up and go with it to anywhere you wish to.

Overall, it is one of the best options you will get if you are operating on a tight budget. Don’t mind the price, however, because the scooter offers you the right mobility level you desire.

Where to buy: Amazon.

Final thoughts

Asides knowing about the best of electric scooters with seats, some questions are probably running through your mind. You might be wondering, are there some things to consider before getting an electric scooter with? Rest assured, those questions would be answered shortly.

Can I remove the seat?

I guess that a question like this runs through your mind often depending on how you view the seat. Oh, yes! Most electric scooters that come with a seat come in such a way that the seat is removable.

Amazon has plenty of electric scooters that have removable seats, or you can just buy an universal seat and install it yourself. The seat will come with a small guide and fits most foldable electric scooters, but it’s good to check the sizes first or ask customer support. Here are some examples of electric scooters with seats on Amazon. also has scooters that come with removable seats, and about 90% of them are electric scooters.

Does the seat affect the balance?

I’m glad to inform you that electric scooters with seats will perform similarly with a normal scooter and you should be perfectly fine.  The seat comes in such a way that it does not affect the balance of the scooter in any way. It is fixed in such a way that it is balanced on both sides of the scooter. You have no cause to be worried about your electric scooter with a seat in regards the balance.

Does its extra weight impact performance?

It is no lie that the seat is additional weight to an electric scooter. This does not make it excessively overweight. The weight of an electric scooter with a seat will absolutely not make it too hard to lift, carry or ride. An attachable seat is only 5.5 lbs (or 2.5 kg), so you won’t feel any difference. It’s the same thing as riding with a laptop backpack.

A standard electric scooter with a seat is lightweight, especially the foldable ones. In fact, during the manufacture of this kind of scooters, enough importance is paid to weight to compensate for the additional weight of the seat.

How easy is it to brake?

Braking is one of the things you should consider when you want to get an electric scooter with a seat as it is about your safety. It is one of the important safest features that your scooter should come with. Your electric scooter is supposed to have at least one of the following: a drum brake, foot brake, electronic brake, regenerative brake or disc brake. Disc brakes are the safest and the best of them because they are reliable, lightweight, and straightforward to adjust and use. Read more about disc brakes and best scooters with disk brakes in this post.

An attachable seat will not add substantial weight to your electric scooter, as we saw above, but, it may affect the balance when braking. If you brake, the balance is moved to the front wheel, so you must be careful and ride a bit slowly. If you stand up, you can get yourself off the electric scooter very fast, but if you’re sitting the risk of injury is increased.

Are Electric scooters with seat foldable?

Last on the list of these questions is if electric scooters are foldable. Yes, they are. You fold them by first pulling the lever at the bottom of the post’s handlebar. Then you fold the post to the rear wheel, you grab the scooter by the post. That’s all! This also applies to those with seats, and you have some examples of electric scooters with seats that are foldable and portable.

Because the saddle is turned, it won’t occupy a lot of space. Fitting it into a trunk would be as easy as without a seat. So, nothing to worry about the portability and mobility with an attachable seat.

attachable seat for electric scooters


When purchasing an electric scooter with a seat, it is important to remember the reason behind its purchase. Do not get so lost in the number of options available that you forget the reason behind its purchase. The best buy is one that suits your taste. Has this article answered your questions about electric scooters with seats? Leave a comment below.