Best Electric Scooters with disc brakes and Full Guide

The modern world has seen great improvements when it comes to the world of technology. Braking is one of the safest things that your scooter should have. Otherwise, without the proper use of brakes, then you are eminent to suffer accidents more often than you expect. The changing trend in the scooter manufacturing industry has engineered the use of disc brakes. These are rated more secure than any other kind of brakes that have ever been used in an electric scooter.

What are disc brakes?

Scooters have the ability of using different types of brakes, that is we have the

  • Disc brakes
  • Drum brakes
  • Foot brakes
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Electronic brakes

The main concern for us today is the use of disc brakes. But before we go out far, do we really understand what are disc brakes? Here is a simple but detailed answer.

This is a type of brake that uses calipers that will squeeze pairs of pads against a disc or a rotor so that friction is created. The process will make the rotation of the shaft to slow down. This will in turn reduce the rotational speed or to make it have that stationary speed that you need. You need to know that the energy of motion will be converted to waste heat that has to be dispersed. When you compare disc brakes with the many others, you will realize that they are the most used type of brakes that are applicable to the almost any rotating shaft.

Disc brakes are the best of them all because of their accuracy and ease of use. They are not heavy and won’t take much of your space in a wheel.

  • The brakes have the best braking power. When you are scooting with your scooter, and then you need to do a sudden stop, a good scooter should be able to respond to your braking needs pretty well. Disc brakes don’t allow room for any error. That means that you are not going to hit obstacles on the way or even cars and other people.


  • They are better in whichever climate, in both wet and dry. Wet climate is the one that is most dreaded by people and that is why they find it difficult driving there. The climate turns out to be slippery and if you don’t have better brakes, then when you apply the brakes, you don’t expect them to stop as needed. That is where disc brakes take over from the others. they work pretty well in whichever climate you find yourself in without you having to worry.


  • Known and felt to be lighter. Yes, a better wheel is one that moves without having to add any other weight on it. The lighter the wheel, the better it is to control and even move. There is no weight that will ever be added to your wheel with this kind of brake. It is rated as the lightest but the strongest out there.


  • Gives you an upper hand when it comes to braking. If you are fearing to brake or might topple over when you are riding, that is never the case with this disc brake. You are sure that the brake is going to give you that better handle for braking even when the going seems to be tough. Let your scooter be in your control at all times.

How does an electric scooter brake?

The mechanism by which an electric scooter brakes is one of the most important aspect that you cannot miss in your riding. Brakes come in a variety of forms and some will be unique to your scooter that you have. Here is how an electric scooter brakes.

  • The use of the footbrake. This is a unique kind of brake that is found in a scooter. When you are a rider, you will be required to press your heel down on the fender that is found on the back wheel so that you are able to brake. When you do this, friction occurs and thus creates that resistance that is needed between the wheel and the fender. The result is simple; the scooter will slow down. This is a natural way that you can use to brake your scooter from that high speed you were travelling at.


  • The software brakes. Software braking is new technology to riding but it has started also take ground pretty well.  What you need to do is just simple, you need to press that button as you ride. This software solution or other might include the ability of the motor being cut off completely from work when the motors are being.

With the modern type of scooters that have been manufactured, the brakes are the most important components found in it. This is because such scooters can now go in excess of 20mph. minus a good set of brakes, you will be there knowing the difference between making a close call or getting a trip to the hospital. Disc brakes are the best of them all because they will determine the distance that you want to stop, the physical effort you are going to use to activate them and their all-round performance in conditions that are wet.

How to install disc brakes if you don’t have already – Step by step tutorial

  • Remove the brake line protector. Unscrew to release the cable form the joint. That is right on the wheel part.
  • Unscrew to remove the calipers. But for the work should be easier for you, ensure that the scooter is at its center standing position.
  • You need now to remove the bolts that are holding the calipers to the suspension leg. Now, at this point, you are advised to be a little bit careful because the dust that emanates from the bolts, the brake pads and shoes is not good for your health. You are advised to have a face mask for your protection.
  • Before you remove the brake assembly, it is recommended that you also wash it with clean water before you take your time to strip it down. Never try to operate the brake lid with the caliper disassembled.
  • Remove the brake assembly by pulling it backwards and turn it to clear the wheel
  • Remove the compartment that holds the brakes in place so that you are able to arrive at the brake pads
  • Clean the caliper pretty well before you replace the new disk brakes
  • Start installing the breaks now one at time. one should be on the inside and the other on the inside.
  • Ensure they are aligned well so that the holding screws can be able to go in well. Tighten the bolts at hand at first before you employ the use of a tool to tighten up.
  • Put the brakes back to the rotor and tighten calipers to their position. Ensure that they are tight.
  • Take back the brake line protector now and fix it well. Pump the brakes from the hand levers until you start to feel they are getting harder.

How to fix your disc brakes?

From time to time, even disc brakes need some maintenance. They might have symptoms like:

  • Vibration while braking
  • Odd noises while riding
  • Faulty braking

Here is a short video on how to fix or adjust your disc brakes:


A scooter is one the essentials that you must have if you need to move from one place to another in a faster manner. You will be able to avoid those acts of being in a jam and reach at your destination at a faster manner. With the best brake systems in place, you are sure that your point of destination will be arrived at safely.