Best Electric Scooter for Elderly and Senior Citizens in 2020

An electric scooter is one lifesaving means of transportation that could serve the same commuting purpose of other vehicles like bicycles, cars, and bikes, that you are already used to. If you are an individual that takes lots of short trips, having a scooter at your beck and call would be an advantage. It’s weird, but electric scooters were used as mobility scooters by elderly people way before becoming a national trend. Now, they are used by far more people especially for short trips and they are usually rented.

Electric scooters are not just very affordable means of transportation; they are also a highly comfortable and swift means of transportation. Depending on the purpose you are buying it for, it could serve as a second fiddle to get you to your destination on rare cases or as your main transportation option.

Now, there are available several options for elderly people who want to get from point A to point B without the need of someone else to help them. This way, seniors can become independent and do several necessary tasks like shopping, visiting the doctor or just going out for a fresh breath of air.

In this article, we will be demystifying electric scooters for older people in every sense of the word, discussing all that you should know.

What are electric scooters?

By general definition, electric scooters are the small-sized power-operated vehicle that is sort of an equivalent to a standard two-wheel vehicle, with its uniqueness, particularly in architectural design and easy mobility. We will see the difference between the types of scooters available on the market. The types of scooters we are interested in have at least 3 wheels. These are used as mobility scooters.

Types of electric scooters

With recent technological advancements, more and more electric scooter variants are being invented every day, which are a little different from the two-wheel types that naturally comes to mind whenever scooters are mentioned anywhere.

Here, we will be emphasizing on some of the electric scooter variants that are widely used

2-wheel electric scooters

This is the type that is the most common of all. It is one variant of electric scooters that have been in existence for a very long time. Some of the 2-wheel electric scooters come with factory-fitted seats to aid comfort as you move through traffic, while some don’t. It is the most preferred electric scooter choice for short-distance movement. What it lacks in balance, it makes up for in speed and agility.

3-wheel electric scooters

This is a more balanced variant of the 2-wheel electric scooters. They mostly come with seats and are also flexible to maneuver through tight corners just like the 2-wheel electric scooter.

4-wheel mobility scooters

This is one of the subcategories of scooters that guarantees probably the most stability. When riding this particular type of scooter, there is no fear of you falling off it or losing control. A pair of tires each are segmented on the front and the back of the scooter. The only limitation to this scooter is the fact that it is not as swiftly maneuverable as the other scooter variants discussed above, but what it lacks in flexibility, it makes up for durability and stability.

5-wheel scooters

This type of electric scooter is more modern than those above. It assures double the balance the 4-wheel scooter guarantees. They are more rugged looking and highly favorable for comfort while riding – it is almost as though you are driving a car. This makes it a highly favourable option to move around areas with unclear paths, like you can find in the woods.

Compact scooters

They are commonly called boot or trunk scooters, mainly because they are easily detachable and can be used only when  the condition demands. Interestingly, the compact scooters could either be in the form of the 2-wheel scooter or 3-wheel scooter.

What specs should your a e-scooter for elderly have?

In this section, we will be using different parameters like the max weight, speed, etc to guide you on the type of scooter that you should buy when you are out to get one.

  • Weight Capacity – At least 250 pounds. It would be best if you don’t buy anything short of that.
  • Speed Limit – a scooter with speed above 3.7 mph is excellent because at such speed rate, you will get faster to your destination in no record time.
  • Range – You should get a scooter that can cover at least 6 miles range, to help you cover relatively long distance after fully charged.
  • Accessories – A scooter with a rear basket is highly recommendable to give you space to place a few items you might need as you cruise. Also getting a scooter with a headlamp factory-fitted in front is also beneficial for scenarios when you ride in the dark. Some other essential accessory to look out for is a rain cover, which should protect your scooter from damaging when it’s raining.
  • Charging Time – by standard, it should take you between 2-3 hours to get it fully charged.
  • Incline – You should get a scooter with at least a 10-15 degree incline.

Best Electric Mobility Scooters for Old People

1. Golden Technologies CareBuzz around XL 4-Wheel Power Scooter

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For older folks, much preference is placed on comfort; this model adequately covers durability and functionality and these areas. Not only is it highly stable, but it is also designed to be very slim to pass through even the tightest corners you can think of.

Its extra features and characteristics include:

  • Factory-fitted with LED headlamp – so whether you are coursing through that path at night, you have no cause to worry about not seeing the road well because the light will help illuminate your path.
  • 300pounds weight capacity – this is designed with different weight categories in mind, so whether your weight is on the high side, this scooter is equipped with the strength to carry you.
  • Easily detachable – within a few minutes, you can easily disassemble the scooter to make it easily storable in your trunk.
  • Bonus rear basket – this gives you some room to place items like your snacks, water bottles, etc.
  • 13 miles Operating range – this is rarely attainable with most scooters you will find around.
  • 4 mph max speed.

2. Tzora Easy Travel Elite Folding Lightweight Electric Mobility Scooters

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Tzora - Easy Travel Elite

One of the core stress areas of this particular scooter is its design. It is designed in such a simplistic fashion but still unique in every sense of the word.

Some of its unique features include:

  • Easily Detachable to 3 lightweight parts – this is very much important for smooth conveying, especially when the intention of carrying it with is as an option for when you need to pass through inaccessible areas for cars.
  • Weight Capacity of 250 pounds – this particular scooter was designed with different weight categories in mind.
  • Removable SLA battery pack.
  • 7 mph Speed.

3. Hawk WX Electric Mobile Scooter

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Electric Mobility Scooter, Mobile Scooter

The hawk scooter sets itself apart from the other scooters discussed in this article because of its rugged design and sleek mobility. Need I say it is one of the scooters discussed in this article with the highest weight capacity.

Regardless of how rough the topography of the terrain is; this is one scooter that could course through it without a scratch. If you are on the lookout of a scooter that is highly durable, relatively fast, with fluid movability, then you should consider purchasing the Hawk Electric Mobile Scooter.

Its key features and characteristics include:

  • Factory-fitted with 1.2 HP brushless motor – this explains why it is that strong and relatively fast.
  • Powerful rechargeable batteries – gives you options when it comes to powering your scooter.
  • Sleek size – this makes it possible to fit through even the smallest areas while driving.
  • 550 pounds’ weight capacity – There is hardly any weight limit that this scooter could barely contain.

4. Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair with Black Seat

Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair

If you are a scooter lover that places a premium on comfort, then this is one scooter that is designed for you. Its design mimics the design of your regular office chair, with the armrest and comfortable seat. Only in this case, the “office chair” is factory-fitted with a leg rest panel and most importantly four strong tires – two located in the front and two located at the back – to guarantee movement.

This is the most preferred choice for individuals that need caregivers – it is designed to offer the support desired.

Here are some key features of this fantastic type of scooter:

  • Adjustable seat – Depending on how you like it, you could stretch or reduce the height of the seat to whatever level you are most comfortable with
  • Detachable into three parts – this makes it easy to be dismembered and repacked for later use
  • 250pounds’ weight capacity
  • Removable fold-up footrest
  • 75 mph maximum speed limit

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5. Pride Travel Pro Premium Lightweight 3-wheel electric mobility scooter

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One advantage the Pride Travel Pro Scooter has is that it is incredibly lightweight but equally as functional as the other scooter choices discussed in this article. This is one scooter that will guarantee mobility even in the face of the tightest areas.

Its key features are:

  • Three-wheel design – this aids easy maneuverability in tight areas – whether it is a narrow doorway or it is within your house.
  • Accessorized with a rear basket – This gives you some room to place some items that you might need as you go about cruising through.
  • 4 mph top speed – It is surprisingly faster than some of the heavier scooter options that you can find around.
  • 275 pounds weight capacity – Although it is lightweight, it proves itself worthy of being able to convey people with a bodyweight that is on the high side.


Electric scooters are an excellent means of transportation that are quite suitable for senior citizen. However, senior citizen needs to prioritize comfort, durability, and functionality when making their choice.