Best Battery For Electric Scooter | How Much Does It Cost?

In all probability, the most costly part of an electrical scooter is the battery. Sure, it’s costlier, typically, than the scooter’s engine itself. However how a lot does it price? Properly, the reply relies on your particular mannequin. Some are costlier than others.

A very powerful consideration worth is the facility of the battery. I’ll record right here some examples of batteries.

How much does an electrical battery cost?

An electrical scooter battery prices between 150$ and as much as 300$ for a mean mannequin.

Best Battery For Electric Scooter:

The everyday worth of a battery might be from 1/Three to half the worth of the electric scooter.

  • Xiaomi Mija M365 Electric Scooter Battery – Round $150.00 on China web sites, however, it’s very onerous to search out
  • E-Twow Grasp Electric Scooter Battery – MASTER S2 24V 8,5Ah E-Twow – 300$
  • Tremendous Booster S2 Battery 33V 8.5 Ah E-Twow, also referred to as Uscooter Booster Plus S+ – 300$
  • Battery ECO S2 24v 6,5Ah E-Twow – 260 $
  • E-Twow Booster Electric Scooter Battery – ~200$

The place to search out electrical scooter batteries for a substitute?

Discovering substitute batteries just isn’t such a straightforward activity as it might appear. I don’t know why however they appear tough to search out. The greatest locations to search out battery replacements for Chinese language fashions might be AliExpress or Alibaba (however on Alibaba, you typically want to purchase greater than 1).

I discovered virtually no batteries on Amazon, some on eBay and extra by trying to find producer websites. You may search on Google for “[your_model] spare elements” and attempt to discover the producer web site or a web site that sells battery spares.

In case your producer gives batteries, I counsel getting the Best Battery For Electric Scooter from them and besides ask for set up. Even when it’s not free, at the least you’ll profit from scooter’s guarantee which is often longer than battery guarantee.

On my scooter, the battery guarantee is 1 yr or 1000 km or 621 miles and for the scooter’s engine and different elements is 2 years or 2000 km or 1242 miles.

Battery place

The battery on an electrical scooter is both within the handlebar stem or beneath the scooter’s deck. Having the battery beneath the deck normally offers the scooter extra stability and extra management. The battery is heavy and when positioned within the handlebar stem it will probably affect the consolation of your trip.

1 – Battery positioned within the handlebar stem, normally the handlebar stem might be thick on this case

2 – Battery positioned beneath the scooter’s deck

Best Battery For Electric Scooter

Why is the fee so excessive?

Properly, the expertise behind batteries is most frequently Lipo or Lithium-Polymer. In current occasions, the worth of Lithium elevated a lot because of its utilization in electronics and battery manufacturing. At this time, a lot of issues use batteries (even vehicles like Tesla and plenty of others) so that they want Lithium.

However, that’s not all. Cobalt worth is driving battery costs even greater than Lithium. Many of the Cobalt is produced by a single nation (Democratic Republic of Congo)As cobalt is performing as a detrimental cathode for this Lipo batteries, we want it.

Cobalt is way costlier than Lithium and the fact is that after Congo which has (66000 tons manufacturing) the subsequent is China with solely 7700 tons.

There are a lot of forms of batteries. Some use different supplies, however, the cathode materials are the principal liable for the excessive worth.

Tesla tries to provide its batteries in massive factories (Giga Factories) to get a cheaper price for batteries.

How a lot are you able to count on them to final?

Xiaomi makes use of batteries from LG, that are fairly high-quality. They don’t specify the minimal variety of cycles that the batteries ought to final. However, they are saying the batteries will go as much as 1000 charging cycles. Lastly, they may lose about 70% of their capability. (280Wh whole battery energy, 37.41V output voltage, and 7800mAh)

E-Twow or Uscooter batteries are lithium polymer and so they say within the consumer guide that may resist a minimal of 500 prices. If used usually, they are saying it will probably resist as much as 1000 prices. That’s greater than sufficient for a scooter. Their batteries price between 200-250$ relying on the mannequin (Grasp or Booster).

The S2 Grasp has a 24V and eight.5 Amps, whereas the Boster has a 33V and 6.5 Amps battery.

Charging time for a Grasp is 1-2 hours and for a Booster, it’s 2-Three hours.

The Booster has extra energy because of a greater voltage of the batter (and the engine) however the autonomy is much less and charging time is (1 hour) greater.

Please observe that not all lithium polymer batteries final between 500 and 1000 prices. It relies upon a lot on the producer of the battery and its high quality.

Okay, however, what does that imply?

Okay, again to the numbers.

500 prices with 20 km autonomy imply:

  • 10000 km
  • 1000 days with 10 km/day or 500 days with 20km/day
  • 500 hours of using at 20 km/h or 20 days
  • 1000 rides to work and again (given a 10 km/day trip), 500 rides to work for a (20 km/day trip)

1000 prices with 20km autonomy imply:

  • 20000 km
  • 2000 days with 10 km/day or 1000 days with 20km/day
  • 1000 hours of using at 20km/h or 41 days
  • 2000 rides to work and again (given a 10 km/day trip), 1000 rides to work for a (20 km/day trip)

So these are the worst and the Best Battery For Electric Scooter and best-case eventualities. Your outcomes could also be even higher. The Xiaomi has an autonomy of 30 km (however in Eco mode solely) and E-Twow’s or UScooters have 30 and 40-45 km autonomy (once more, in all probability at decrease speeds).

The very best autonomy is at about 12 mph or 19 km/h. It’s the optimum velocity. After all, you’re going to get higher autonomy using with Three mph or 5 km/h however it’s not a sensible velocity to trip.

You may see that the battery will final a lot, so the price of the battery shouldn’t be a decisive consider getting an electrical scooter.

Need extra autonomy? Use this easy trick

For you your battery to final extra and have a longer life, do that easy trick. At all times once you begin from zero mph or km/h, give it a little assist by two pushes together with your leg. It will get your electrical scooter to about 5-6 mph or  8-10 km/h and speed up solely after reaching this velocity. 2 pushes together with your leg must be sufficient to achieve that velocity.

Probably the most energy is consumed by the scooter when beginning off. Giving it a little assist you could lengthen your battery’s autonomy a lot.

How to take care of it nicely

Whenever you get your electrical scooter, don’t trip it immediately. I do know it’s enjoyable and I’ve been tempted to go for a trip as quickly as I bought my fingers on it, however, it’s not such a good thought. Your battery charging degree could be low, and even when it’s charged, most producers suggest charging it 100% for the primary use. Even when the scooter’s menu says it’s 100%, it’s in all probability not.

If the battery doesn’t final as a lot because the producer says, don’t rush to return it. It normally takes about Three cycles of charging for the battery to be 100% practical.

Storage circumstances

With a purpose to lengthen your battery life if you find yourself not actively utilizing the scooter, like in wintertime you might want to watch out at this rule. Cost it at the least as soon as at three months. It will lengthen the battery’s lifespan and can preserve the battery practical.

Maintain it away from a moist setting, extreme warmth or chilly. Even when the chilly, in concept, will lengthen the battery life, it will probably result in condensation contained in the battery which might injury it.

These been stated, the perfect storage temperature is at room temperature in a dry setting, away from daylight or different issues that may injury it, like youngsters. I like to recommend retaining it in a room the place there are at least 60 Fahrenheit levels (15 levels Celsius) continually.

Earlier than storing it for a very long time, it’s really useful to scrub it to be able to keep away from elements injury, rust, and different corrosions.

Warmth vs Chilly

Chilly temperature is, in concept, higher for storing a battery. However, there may be a drawback with chilly temperatures. On account of chilly temperatures, condensation is prone to type contained in the battery.

Condensation is a course that destroys the battery, so whereas, in an excellent setting (humidity) chilly temperatures will carry out higher for storing, in actuality, room temperature remains to be perfect.

Charging Temperature

When charging your battery it’s temperature will improve considerably. It’s not useful to go for a trip properly after charging it. Additionally, it’s not useful to cost it proper after utilizing your scooter as a result of when using the battery temperature will go up.

So, let the battery adapt to the room temperature for at least 15 minutes earlier than charging. This fashion, you’ll lengthen your battery’s life.

How to interchange it?

Changing it wouldn’t be so onerous, however, it might want substitute by the producer if the scooter remains to be beneath guarantee.

Most batteries are beneath the peddle or within the head tube. Changing those within the peddle compartment will want some easy steps:

  1. Unscrew the screws holding the battery compartment cowl
  2. Unplug the battery connectors
  3. Get the battery out
  4. Set up the brand new battery
  5. Join the wires like they had been earlier than
  6. Put again the battery cowl

In case your battery is within the head tube, you’ll in all probability have to get the handlebars out and get the battery out by the tube’s head.

This video under might be not to your kind of electric scooter, however, the steps could also be virtually similar for each scooter.

Can I take advantage of batteries from different manufacturers?

Normally, the battery guarantee is lower than the general electrical scooter’s guarantee. Changing your batteries with nonstandard (not OEM – Unique Gear Producer) ones can void the guarantee and even affect different elements of the scooter.

Keep in mind that your electrical scooter was examined with this specific kind of battery. Moreover the voltage and amperage, their high quality will decide how lengthy they final, how a lot they warmth, present spikes, and so forth.

My suggestion and the producer’s suggestion is to get solely authentic batteries to your scooter. Greater than this, some scooters have some kind of safety to stop the utilization of non-standard batteries.

Changing battery cells?

Whereas this may be a good thought typically, I’m undecided it is going to work with all fashions. You may attempt to maintain the outdated battery controller and exchange solely the cells (the small batteries inside) that are extra generic. However, typically this trick doesn’t work as a result of the controller someway shops the state of the cells.

It could value attempting in case your guarantee is gone and you’ll discover a low-cost battery on-line.

Can I take advantage of an after-market charger?

Once more, not a good thought. The producer prohibits this within the consumer guide, and it gained to be as straightforward to search out one with the identical connector and identical amperage/voltage. You could be higher off with the unique one.

The unique charger additionally has a charging safety perform. So when the battery is full, it is going to cease the charging robotically and can an inexperienced mild will mild up. (The charging one is, normally, crimson).

Whereas the Xiaomi Mijia M365 takes about 5.5 to the total cost, mine (E-Twow Booster or Uscooter Booster) prices in the most time of three hours. Which is nice contemplating the battery autonomy.

Just like the battery, maintain it away from water, humidity, or different irregular components that may injury it.


The battery is a fairly costly part of an electrical scooter, and like in all different tech functions (like vehicles, smartphones, photovoltaic panels, and so forth) the expertise just isn’t so superior. With new expertise coming, the worth will in all probability be decrease and extra reasonably priced.

But, I don’t assume you need to fear about it an excessive amount of. Even when the worth is about 1/Three or half of the scooter worth, the battery normally lasts for at the least one yr and a half or two relying on the utilization circumstances.

For instance, my autonomy is alleged to be 30 km. (it’s at 75 kg, without wind, and so forth., so a bit decrease in actuality) Even so, with 20 km vary and 500 (assured prices), I can do 10.00zero km! That’s a lot contemplating an electrical scooter. If I divide that to the space to work, I can go to work 909 occasions! Or 2.5 years daily.

With a mean velocity of 20 km/hour, I can trip for 500 hours or 20 days continuous. And that’s with 500 cycles solely. It’s supposed to withstand a lot extra.

For those who’re utilizing your scooter as a “last-mile” car, you’ll need to cost it solely as soon as a week or so.