Best 2000-watts Electric Scooters for your ride in 2020

There are different types of scooters, and as you may know there are many factors that make them distinct and one of these many factors is the power ratings of the scooter, and it is measured in watts. The power of a scooter would determine the kind of work it would perform per unit time, the load it can carry, the type of road or elevation it would be able to navigate. To large extents, the power ratings of scooters help determine if they would be suitable for children or adults.

What does wattage mean and how does it relate to power?

Wattage is the amount of power or the power requirement of electric machines such as scooters. That is, the wattage of a scooter shows how much power the scooter can utilize at maximum. Therefore, the higher the wattage, which indicates high power, the higher the amount of useful work a machine say scooter, would perform.

Note that the electric scooter will only consume or produce 2000 watts at peak. This may be for a short amount of time when accelerating fast or going uphills. Still, it is a good measure of the overall electric scooter power.

When do you need a scooter this power?

If you are an adult and you have a considerable weight, or you carry heavy loads, or your travel involves you climbing, or you like more speed and want to accelerate faster, then an electric scooter with power ratings around 1000W and above is suitable for you.

Also, if you need to go off-road, these electric scooters offer the best experience as most of them have two electric motors, one on the front wheel and one on the back wheel. These, combined will give you a smooth experience and traction on uneven terrains. Read more about off-road electric scooter and which are the best in my other post here.

Are 2000w electric scooters road legal?

2000w electric scooters are road legal in some states in the United States of America such as California, Florida, Texas, etc. with most of them having a maximum speed limit of 20mph. For example, California has age limits, allow scooters with a maximum power rating of 750w, a maximum speed of 25mph and some road restrictions. This is nearly the same in most states while little differences also exist. Electric scooters are not road legal in New York. In the United Kingdom, electric scooters are classified as “Personal Light Electric vehicle (PLEV) by the department of transport (DfT), and they state that they can only be used on private properties. This makes them illegal for the road or street. Therefore, you do not require a license registration since you cannot use it on the road in the UK. Read more about the legal aspects of electric scooters in this dedicated post.

Advantages and disadvantages of powerful scooters


  • High speed: this is a major advantage of powerful scooters, and sometimes it can be a disadvantage which will be discussed later. Generally, one of the main reasons people tend to buy a powerful scooter is the speed. With powerful scooters, you don’t have to worry about the speed levels obtainable in average electric scooters because powerful electric scooters can travel fast just like their counterparts with combustion engines. An example of a powerful scooter with high speed is the NanRobot D4+ which has a maximum speed of about 40 mph.
  • Durability: your concerns about your weight affecting speed or lifespan of your scooter are reduced when using a powerful scooter. You can use your scooter, if well maintained, for a long time as it is built to withstand more weight and stress and move faster than scooters with lesser power ratings.
  • Carrying capacity: this is closely related to durability. It is the amount of load or weight your scooter can carry comfortably without affecting your scooter negatively. Powerful scooters usually have better and larger carrying capacity when compared to scooters with low power.
  • Power: Powerful electric scooters can be used to climb hills and navigate rough roads with greater ease unlike scooters with low power, some of which cannot be used to climb hills at all.


  • Age restriction: electric scooters with high power are not meant for all, especially children, as it can be dangerous for them given the high speed this type of scooters can attain. Therefore, age limits are attached to them.
  • Safety: one of the major reasons for an age restriction on powerful electric scooters is safety. This also applies to the users who have to take safety measures such as wearing helmets. When on high speed, pressing the brake sharply can prove fatal unlike in scooters with low power whose speed tends to be low when compared to the faster scooters with high power.
  • Price: if you are considering buying a scooter with a high power-rating then you should prepare to spend more as they are more expensive than electric scooters with low power rating.
  • Charging time: a powerful electric scooter would require a longer time for the battery or batteries to get fully charged as against an electric scooter with low power rating which would take shorter time.
  • Weight of the scooter: most scooters with high power are usually difficult to carry over long distances as they are usually heavy as a result of their weight. This is an advantage scooters with low power ratings have as they tend to be lighter and easier to carry.

How does a powerful electric scooter affect range?

If you have experience with scooters that have high power and scooters with low power ratings, then you will have a practical feel of their range but for the benefit of those with little or no experience, it safe to say that scooters with high power ratings have longer range then scooters with low power. This is because powerful electric scooters travel faster which means you can cover a longer distance in a shorter time and they usually have long battery life which helps them to travel farther. This is also a major advantage of powerful scooters.

Other factors that affect the range

It is important to note that there are other factors that can affect the range of a scooter whether powerful or not. These factors are:

  1. Weight: your weight can affect the range of a scooter especially electric scooters with low power. That is why most scooters with high power ratings are made specifically for adults. These are people with a considerable weight of around 16lbs to a maximum of around 329lbs. Therefore, your weight would have impact on the speed of the scooter which in turn would affect the range. This also includes added loads.
  2. Battery: like we said earlier, the battery life affects the range of the scooter. If the electric scooter is well charged, then the scooter would have a longer range, but if it is not well charged or the battery needs servicing, the range of the scooter would be shorter with possible disappointments occurring such as you not getting to your final destination.
  3. The road terrain: if you ride your electric scooter on steep or gentle slopes such as hills, then it will definitely have an impact on the range.

How fast can powerful scooters go?

While we have been discussing powerful electric scooters while emphasizing on scooters with power ratings of 2000 watts but it is also important to note that this is not the benchmark for powerful scooters as there are powerful scooters with ratings starting from 750 watts and above and below are short insights on how fast scooters with certain power ratings go.

  • 1000 watts scooters: The UberScoot 1000W electric scooter and the Super Turbo 100W Elite e-scooters are reported to reach a high speed of about 27 mph. Nanrobot D3 electric scooter which also falls in this category runs at a maximum speed of 28 mph. There are other 1000W scooters having a maximum speed around this range with little difference existing between them.
  • 1600 watts scooters: just like we there are different 1000W with different speed levels, the same applies to scooters with 1600W power. One of the scooters you can see in this category is the UberScoot 1600W which reaches a maximum top speed of 30 mph, which is even adjustable to give higher speed.
  • 2000 watts scooters: if you are looking for faster speed then, you are likely to find them in scooters that fall into this category and above in terms of power. Some scooters in this category reach speeds as high as 40 mph and they would be reviewed in the next section.

Best electric scooters with 2000W engines.

There are few scooters with this much power and fewer having more. Below are the best and popular electric scooters with 2000 watts engine. The first on the list is the Nanroboot D4+.


This is a dual-motor all-wheel-drive with excellent torque and traction. In the speed department, this scooter is doing quite well with its power and strong lithium battery allowing it to reach top speed level of 40 mph and a maximum range of 45 miles. With this kind of speed, you should expect more from the emergency braking system which it does, as the D4+ is equipped with a front and rear EBS (electronic braking system) disc brake which ensures it brakes steadily and prevent or reduce possible impact. The maximum rider weight this scooter can carry is around 265lbs. Another perk of this scooter is the foldability which takes seconds. The major disadvantage of the D4+ is the fact that it has a long charging time of around 5-8 hours.

Check the current price on Amazon here.


This is one of the best electric scooters you can find in the market when it comes to power and speed. It is equipped with a 52V 26AH lithium battery and two 1000W motors which can be used at the same time or one after the other. You can rest assured of its speed which reaches a maximum of 40 mph and a long range of 50 miles that beats that of the Nanrobot D4+. The maximum load or weight this scooter is capable of carrying is around 330lbs. Similar to the D4+, the Nanrobot D5+ has a dual all-wheel system and comes with the same braking system as the D4+. It takes seconds to fold and unfold and can fit perfectly into car boots. Two of the major disadvantages of the D5+ scooters are their charging time which is quite long and their weight of 70lbs which can prove to be relatively heavy to carry.

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3. EDrift UH-ES295 2.0 Fat Tire Scooter

This is another powerful scooter that falls in the 2000 W Category. It usually comes as a 60V 12AH, 20AH or 30AH lithium battery. Also, the ones with the 60V 30AH ratings are said to cover an outstanding range of about 65 miles in a full charge and have a high speed of over 30 mph. It uses a hydraulic disc braking system and has an amazing load-carrying capacity of 350lbs which can comes handy if you want to carry some loads or perform activities that would later involve carrying loads such as buying groceries. The eDrift UH-ES295 has a maximum occupancy of two people as long as the maximum weight capacity is not exceeded. On the downside, this scooter is not easy to carry around as a result of its weight which is around 150lbs and also its charging hours is quite long, a disadvantage found in most scooters with high power.

Check the current price on EDrift website here.

4. TONGQIAN Foldable Electric Scooter

This scooter has a maximum speed of 50 mph and a range of 50 miles. This means a lot as this scooter settles the problem of speed and range by providing them in quantities scarce in the world of electric scooters. It has a 52V 21AH lithium battery and dual disc brake. Compared to other scooters in with the same power ratings it has a lesser weight which stands at about 80lbs, and it has a staggering weight/load capacity of about 440lbs. While these specs are tantalizing, you should not get too excited as the Tongqian is relatively new and has not really being tested by many. Also, its charging hours is relatively long, with around 8 hours needed for full charge.

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Subsequently, it is important to mention that there are scooters with power ratings more than 2000W. Examples of such scooters are the Nanrobot LS7 which as a maximum speed of 52 mph and a 1800W dual motor, there is also the Maxx electric scooter which has a speed of 55 mph and a 3200W dual motor amongst others.

Finally, with electric scooters still illegal or restricted in some states and countries, do you think the laws restricting the use of electric scooters would be relaxed or abolished in the nearest future?