Average Electric Scooters Weight (with 15 Examples)

Straight to the purpose. How a lot do electrical scooters weight? A typical foldable electrical scooter weighs between 23.9 lbs (10 kg) and 33 lbs (15 kg) relying on the scale, battery, electrical motor, and different options.

Electric scooters are normally light-weight and straightforward to hold on for brief distances. However, they will’t be simply carried in a shopping center whereas your spouse seems to be on the subsequent factor to purchase for summer time. You may contemplate a light-weight scooter in case your vacation spot (work or faculty) includes carrying it together with your fingers till you’ll be able to match it below your desk. However, the distinction between totally different fashions of scooters shouldn’t be that massive.

One more reason to get a light-weight electrical scooter is if you wish to take it on board. Try this text to see what standards it’s best to meet to take an electrical scooter on a aircraft.

Nonetheless, there are exceptions, which we are going to current right here. In case you marvel what’s the most light-weight scooter or the heaviest, preserve studying.

Hottest scooters weights

With a purpose to make it simple for you, I had a glance on Amazon’s web site at some fashionable electrical scooters. I added the weights and computed the typical weight. Please be aware I have eradicated 2 gadgets from the desk under as a result of they don’t seem to be consultant. (the 95 lbs and the 70 lbs scooters are highly effective and never the topic of at present’s dialogue). With a purpose to compute a good common, I took them out.

So, the typical electrical scooter weights about 27 kilos or 12.2 kg. Starting from 8.Eight lb or (Four kg), the ZAR mannequin to over 95 lbs (43 kg).

Please be aware that that is the dry weight of the electrical scooters. It doesn’t embody further gear, equipment or a seat.

Right here is the desk:

Electric Scooter Mannequin Weight in Kilos Weight in KG
E-twow USA USCOOTERS ECO  23.9 lbs 10.Eight kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS Booster Plus 23 lbs 12 oz 10.5 kg
NANROBOT X4 33 lbs 15 kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS Booster S+ 23 lbs 12 oz 10.5 kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS Booster V 23 lbs 12 oz 10.5 kg
Fluidfreeride Mosquito 22 lbs 10 kg
QIEWA Q1Hummer 55 lbs 25 kg
NANROBOT D4+ 43.3 19.5 kg
Razor Energy Core E100 26 lbs 11.7 kg
Dualtron Thunder 95 lbs 43 kg
QIEWA Qmini 48 lbs 22 kg
CHO Mild Weight 10 lbs 4.5 kg
NanRobot D5+ 70 lbs 31.7 kg
Xiaomi M365 27.5 lbs 12.5 kg

What’s the load restrict on electrical scooters?

Relying on the electrical scooter mannequin, the rider weight restrict is from 120 lbs to 220 or extra. There are additionally some highly effective electrical scooters with a giant motor (1000 watts+) which may carry extra.

For instance, the Tremendous Turbo 1000w Elite permits a most rider weight of about 250 lbs. My scooter (UScooter / E-Twow Booster) is able to much more. The utmost rider weight is 275 lbs.

However wait, there’s yet another mannequin: Swagtron Swagger 5 Recertified. This spectacular mannequin is able to carrying grownup of most 320 lbs. From what I do know, that is in all probability the very best foldable scooter for a giant particular person.

Right here is the above desk together with the max load of the scooters, the checklist is a bit clustered:

Electric Scooter Mannequin Weight in Kilos Weight in KG Max Rider Weight / Max Load in Kilos Max Rider Weight / Max Load in Kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS ECO  23.9 lbs 10.Eight kg 250 lbs 113 kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS Booster Plus 23 lbs 12 oz 10.5 kg 275 lbs 125 kg
NANROBOT X4 33 lbs 15 kg 264 lbs 120 kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS Booster S+ 23 lbs 12 oz 10.5 kg 275 lbs 125 kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS Booster V 23 lbs 12 oz 10.5 kg 275 lbs 125 kg
Fluidfreeride Mosquito 22 lbs 10 kg 220 lbs 100 kg
QIEWA Q1Hummer 55 lbs 25 kg 550 lbs 250 kg
NANROBOT D4+ 43.Three lbs 19.5 kg 330 lbs 150 kg
Razor Energy Core E100 26 lbs 11.7 kg 120 lbs 54 kg
Dualtron Thunder 95 lbs 43 kg 264 lbs 120 kg
QIEWA Qmini 48 lbs 22 kg 440 lbs 200 kg
CHO Mild Weight 10 lbs 4.5 kg 220 lbs 100 kg
NanRobot D5+ 70 lbs 31.7 kg 330 lbs 150 kg
Xiaomi M365 27.5 lbs 12.5 kg 220 lbs 100 kg

How a lot weight can an electrical razor scooter maintain?

Razor has totally different fashions of scooters. Relying on the mannequin they will maintain between 120 lbs and 220 lbs.

Remember that the nearer you might be to the restrict the slower you’ll be. If you wish to get velocity, get a extra highly effective scooter and don’t play on the restrict.

Razor Scooter Mannequin Most Rider Weight
E100 120 lbs
E200 154 lbs
E300 220 lbs

Light-weight electrical scooters

Here’s a checklist of light-weight electrical scooters which have a good efficiency and worth. It doesn’t price shopping for the lightest scooter in the marketplace if it doesn’t go the take a look at of time and has good opinions from customers. What’s the purpose of getting the lightest scooter if it breaks in 2 weeks?


  • Weight: 17 kilos
  • Most Rider Weight: 250 kilos

Verify the present worth on Amazon right here.

MEGAWHEELS S1 – Good for youths

  • Weight: 18 kilos
  • Most Rider Weight: 150 kilos

Swagtron Swagger 5

  • Weight: 26 kilos
  • Most Rider Weight: 320 kilos

Lightest electrical scooter

The lightest electrical scooter ever construct is definitely a Kickstarter undertaking. This electrical scooter weighs solely 4.zero kg (8.Eight lbs) which is unimaginable. And so is the efficiency. Regardless that it weighs solely 8.Eight lbs it delivers 6.2 miles of vary (or 10 km) and may go along with 12 miles per hour (or 20 km per hour). This makes it a wonderful car for the “last-mile”.

It’s offered as The World’s Lightest & Smartest Electric Scooter. The folding mechanism is unquestionably sensible because it folds the entrance wheel as effectively, so you’ll be able to match it in your backpack. Or so they are saying.


Carbon Fibers

The most well-liked materials for designing light-weight electrical scooters is carbon fibers. It’s also used for bikes because it has nice sturdiness and it weighs little or no. You might discover costly bikes, used for tournaments that are designed to be light-weight. However you will have observed the excessive worth on these.

Carbon fibers are additionally used for electrical scooters and the SWAGTRON electrical scooter offered above is produced from carbon fibers.

Carbon fibers are man-made or natural substances that are for much longer than they’re large composed of carbon atoms.

Carbon fibers are vastly utilized in engineering due to its properties: robust and light-weight. The draw back is that’s much more costly than different uncooked supplies similar to iron and metal. (learn extra about carbon fibers on Wikipedia)


One other materials used to design light-weight electrical scooters is Aluminium. It’s inexpensive than carbon fibers however doesn’t have properties pretty much as good as carbon fibers.

Carbon fiber is 2 to five instances extra inflexible than aluminum and it weighs much less. The rigidity is dependent upon the carbon fiber used.

Carbon fibers have 50% much less density in comparison with aluminum. Utilizing carbon fiber as an alternative of aluminum in producing electrical scooters will scale back their weight with as much as 50%. And if they’re product of metal, the load can be decreased by 80% as metal is about 5 instances heavier than aluminum.

Light-weight electrical scooters price shopping for

SWAGTRON Electric Scooter, SWAGGER V1 – Recertified

Xiaomi M365

Razor Energy Core E100


UScooters (E-Twow) ECO

Disadvantages of light-weight scooters

When designing an electrical scooter there’s a trade-off with regard to weight. All of us need light-weight electrical scooters that may be carried with one hand, proper? However these scooters have some disadvantages.

Small wheels

Light-weight scooters have smaller wheels which may affect consolation. Smaller wheels could result in dangerous stability, decrease stability and incapability to journey on poor roads. Furthermore, light-weight scooters don’t afford a suspension as a result of these springs add additional weight.

The mix of small wheels and no suspension result in a low weight however consolation and security are put in danger.

Lack of energy

One other method to lose some weight is to put in a smaller electrical motor. On foldable electrical scooters the electrical motor is embedded within the wheel (normally the entrance wheel). This being smaller so is the motor.

Electric motor’s energy is measured in Watts and light-weight fashions have motors with 200-300 watts as an alternative of 450-500 which is the business common. When you’ve got a small hill to work or faculty you might must stroll it which generally is a drawback.

Even 450-500 Watts scooters wrestle on steeper slopes so I guess these light-weight scooters can be in bother. If you’re on a flat highway, there’s no downside.


Battery dimension is decreased in an effort to avoid wasting weight. These scooters have a smaller vary than a standard weight equal.  I like to recommend them as last-mile car somewhat than a full journey. You don’t desire a 6 miles vary scooter you probably have 5-6 miles to work as a result of the battery will lose its energy in time.


Smaller wheels and no suspension mixed with smaller components will make your scooter put on off sooner. That’s why I like to recommend them as last-mile car


High quality light-weight scooters are product of carbon fiber, which is an costly materials. You may pay a premium worth for a light-weight scooter which has inferior specs.


Let’s finish on a optimistic be aware although, there are some benefits in regard to a light-weight scooter.


They’re small scooters and so they simply slot in any public transportation. For instance, the Swagtron Electric Scooter has the next dimension:

Folded dimension:  39 x 15.9 x 9.25 inches (100 x 40.5 x 23.5 cm)

Unfolded dimension: 36.2 x 40.5 x 39.37 inches (92 x 40.5 x 100 cm)

And E-Twow (UScooter) ECO and Booster mannequin:

Folded: 37.2 x 5.Three x 11.Eight inches (94.5 x 13.5 x 30 cm)

Unfolded: 37 x 5.Three x 45.7 inches (94.zero x 13.5 x 116 cm)

Straightforward to hold

If you must carry the electrical scooter in your hand for greater than 50 toes you’ll discover it’s not as simple as it might appear. In case you additionally must climb some stairs, you may wish to get a light-weight electrical scooter.

The distinction between carrying a 27 kilos scooter vs a 35 kilos one won’t appear appreciable however it’s. The trouble shouldn’t be straight proportional to the gap.

Some electrical scooters can’t be carried in hand very simple. An instance of that is the UScooter (E-Twow) ECO or Booster mannequin. With no carrying strap, it will likely be tough to stability the scooter in your hand and carry it for an extended distance. Learn extra concerning the carrying strap and different helpful equipment for an electrical scooter on this put up.

Nice as a last-mile car

These electrical scooters are designed as a last-mile car. When you’ve got a brief journey to public transportation and need one thing small and straightforward to hold they’re a terrific selection. Simply don’t choose the scooters by weight solely. Consider different specs like vary, velocity, sturdiness & high quality of supplies, how simple it folds, and so forth.

The one motive I would favor a scooter solely as a result of it’s light-weight it’s if I’d use it for the last-mile solely.


As we noticed, yow will discover good and light-weight electrical scooters in the marketplace. However, you must resolve for your self in the event you really need one, or a median dimension is sufficient for you. The very best worth/high quality ratio is on common dimension scooters as they’re extra mainstream.

Light-weight electrical scooters are nice in the event you use them solely as a last-mile car. What do you suppose?