Average Electric Scooters Weight (with 15 Examples)

Straight to the point. How much do electric scooters weight? A typical foldable electric scooter weighs between 23.9 lbs (10 kg) and 33 lbs (15 kg) depending on the size, battery, electric motor, and other features.

Electric scooters are usually lightweight and easy to carry on for short distances. But, they can’t be easily carried in a shopping mall while your wife looks at the next thing to buy for summer. You might consider a lightweight scooter if your destination (work or school) involves carrying it with your hands until you can fit it under your desk. But, the difference between different models of scooters is not that big.

Another reason to get a lightweight electric scooter is if you want to take it on board. Check out this article to see what criteria you should meet to take an electric scooter on a plane.

However, there are exceptions, which we will present here. If you wonder what is the most lightweight scooter or the heaviest, keep reading.

Most popular scooters weights

In order to make it easy for you, I had a look on Amazon’s website at some popular electric scooters. I added the weights and computed the average weight. Please note I have eliminated 2 items from the table below because they are not representative. (the 95 lbs and the 70 lbs scooters are powerful and not the subject of today’s discussion). In order to compute a fair average, I took them out.

So, the average electric scooter weights about 27 pounds or 12.2 kg. Ranging from 8.8 lb or (4 kg), the ZAR model to over 95 lbs (43 kg).

Please note that this is the dry weight of the electric scooters. It doesn’t include additional gear, accessories or a seat.

Electric Scooter Model Weight in Pounds Weight in KG Max Rider Weight / Max Load in Pounds Max Rider Weight / Max Load in Kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS ECO  23.9 lbs 10.8 kg 250 lbs 113 kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS Booster Plus 23 lbs 12 oz 10.5 kg 275 lbs 125 kg
NANROBOT X4 33 lbs 15 kg 264 lbs 120 kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS Booster S+ 23 lbs 12 oz 10.5 kg 275 lbs 125 kg
E-twow USA USCOOTERS Booster V 23 lbs 12 oz 10.5 kg 275 lbs 125 kg
Fluidfreeride Mosquito 22 lbs 10 kg 220 lbs 100 kg
QIEWA Q1Hummer 55 lbs 25 kg 550 lbs 250 kg
NANROBOT D4+ 43.3 lbs 19.5 kg 330 lbs 150 kg
Razor Power Core E100 26 lbs 11.7 kg 120 lbs 54 kg
Dualtron Thunder 95 lbs 43 kg 264 lbs 120 kg
QIEWA Qmini 48 lbs 22 kg 440 lbs 200 kg
CHO Light Weight 10 lbs 4.5 kg 220 lbs 100 kg
NanRobot D5+ 70 lbs 31.7 kg 330 lbs 150 kg
Xiaomi M365 27.5 lbs 12.5 kg 220 lbs 100 kg

How much weight can an electric razor scooter hold?

Razor has different models of scooters. Depending on the model they can hold between 120 lbs and 220 lbs.

Be aware that the closer you are to the limit the slower you will be. If you want to get a good speed, get a more powerful scooter and don’t play at the limit.

Razor Scooter Model Maximum Rider Weight
E100 120 lbs
E200 154 lbs
E300 220 lbs

Lightweight electric scooters

Here is a list of lightweight electric scooters which have a fair performance and price. It doesn’t worth buying the lightest scooter on the market if it doesn’t pass the test of time and has good reviews from users. What’s the point of having the lightest scooter if it breaks in 2 weeks?


  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 250 pounds

Check the current price on Amazon here.

MEGAWHEELS S1 – Good for kids

  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 150 pounds

Swagtron Swagger 5

  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 320 pounds

Lightest electric scooter

The lightest electric scooter ever build is actually a Kickstarter project. This electric scooter weighs only 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs) which is incredible. And so is the performance. Even though it weighs only 8.8 lbs it delivers 6.2 miles of range (or 10 km) and can go with 12 miles per hour (or 20 km per hour). This makes it an excellent vehicle for the “last-mile”.

Carbon fibers have 50% less density compared to aluminum. Using carbon fiber instead of aluminum in producing electric scooters will reduce their weight with up to 50%. And if they are made of steel, the weight will be reduced by 80% as steel is about 5 times heavier than aluminum.

Lightweight electric scooters worth buying

SWAGTRON Electric Scooter, SWAGGER V1 – Recertified

Xiaomi M365

Razor Power Core E100


UScooters (E-Twow) ECO

Disadvantages of lightweight scooters

When designing an electric scooter there is a trade-off in regards to weight. We all want lightweight electric scooters that can be carried with one hand, right? But these scooters have some disadvantages.

Small wheels

Lightweight scooters have smaller wheels which can impact comfort. Smaller wheels may lead to bad balance, lower stability and inability to ride on poor roads. Moreover, lightweight scooters don’t afford a suspension because those springs add extra weight.

The combination of small wheels and no suspension lead to a low weight but comfort and safety are put at risk.

Lack of power

Another way to lose some weight is to install a smaller electric motor. On foldable electric scooters the electric motor is embedded in the wheel (usually the front wheel). This being smaller so is the motor.

Electric motor’s power is measured in Watts and lightweight models have motors with 200-300 watts instead of 450-500 which is the industry average. If you have a small hill to work or school you may need to walk it which can be a disadvantage.

Even 450-500 Watts scooters struggle on steeper slopes so I bet these lightweight scooters will be in trouble. If you are on a flat road, there’s no problem.


Battery size is reduced in order to save some weight. These scooters have a smaller range than a normal weight equivalent.  I recommend them as last-mile vehicle rather than a full ride. You don’t want a 6 miles range scooter if you have 5-6 miles to work because the battery will lose its strength in time.


Smaller wheels and no suspension combined with smaller parts will make your scooter wear off faster. That’s why I recommend them as last-mile vehicle


Quality lightweight scooters are made of carbon fiber, which is an expensive material. You might pay a premium price for a lightweight scooter which has inferior specs.


Let’s end on a positive note though, there are some advantages in regard to a lightweight scooter.


They are small scooters and they easily fit in any public transportation. For example, the Swagtron Electric Scooter has the following size:

Folded size:  39 x 15.9 x 9.25 inches (100 x 40.5 x 23.5 cm)

Unfolded size: 36.2 x 40.5 x 39.37 inches (92 x 40.5 x 100 cm)

And E-Twow (UScooter) ECO and Booster model:

Folded: 37.2 x 5.3 x 11.8 inches (94.5 x 13.5 x 30 cm)
Unfolded: 37 x 5.3 x 45.7 inches (94.0 x 13.5 x 116 cm)

Easy to carry

If you need to carry the electric scooter in your hand for more than 50 feet you will notice it’s not as easy as it may seem. If you also have to climb some stairs, you might want to get a lightweight electric scooter.

The difference between carrying a 27 pounds scooter vs a 35 pounds one might not seem considerable but it is. The effort is not directly proportional to the distance.

Some electric scooters can’t be carried in hand very easy. An example of this is the UScooter (E-Twow) ECO or Booster model. Without a carrying strap, it will be difficult to balance the scooter in your hand and carry it for a long distance. Read more about the carrying strap and other useful accessories for an electric scooter on this post.

Great as a last-mile vehicle

These electric scooters are designed as a last-mile vehicle. If you have a short ride to public transportation and want something small and easy to carry they are a great choice. Just don’t judge the scooters by weight only. Take into account other specs like range, speed, durability & quality of materials, how easy it folds, etc.

The only reason I would prefer a scooter only because it’s lightweight it’s if I would use it for the last-mile only.


As we saw, you can find good and lightweight electric scooters on the market. But, you need to decide for yourself if you actually need one, or an average size is enough for you. The best price/quality ratio is on average size scooters as they are more mainstream.

Lightweight electric scooters are great if you use them only as a last-mile vehicle. What do you think?