5 Tips for Handling Winter in Power Wheelchair 

When the winter weather sets in, it can be quite dangerous to navigate around, especially for wheelchair users. It can feel like warfare with the snowy and icy footpaths challenging for anyone using a wheelchair. That is why it is crucial to be prepared for winter because the harsh effects of winter can render a once clear pathway a no-go zone.

Having a power wheelchair for outdoor is one of the ways of ensuring that you never have a hard time navigating through. You are in a better position of going through winter with the right mobility equipment. Wheelchair users should be more vigilant during winter by preparing in advance so as not to face challenges.

5 Tips for Handling Winter in Power Wheelchair 

During winter, wheelchair users can be faced with a lot of mobility challenges. This is even profound if the necessary actions are not taken in advance. Handling winter in a power wheelchair for outdoor can only be achieved if potential dangers are taken care of early enough. Below are some tips to prepare for winter in a power wheelchair.

1. Tires/wheels

The power wheelchair you have needs to be equipped with wheels that can navigate any terrain. During winter, it can be impossible to find a clear path because of snow. That is why the tires of the wheelchair have to be stable enough to withstand bumpy surfaces and uneven terrains. Go for the right wheels that enhance tire traction, which are also shock absorbent.

They will ensure a gentle ride, no matter how snowy the path is. Excellent power drive wheels of a wheelchair will take you anywhere you wish to go without any challenges. It is, therefore, imperative to check on the wheels of a power wheelchair, for they will determine how you go through winter.

If you happen to have a battery that requires maintenance, you will have to keep up with that. If you don’t maintain the battery as you should, then it will not perform as expected. Before going out during winter, ensure you check on the battery charge levels.

Keeping an extra battery is also highly recommended in case an emergency arises. You should also check how the battery you have will react to some conditions like winter. Some batteries are affected by extreme temperatures; hence it is essential to check on that. Ensure that the battery is charged when not in use. Avoid overcharging it because it may lead to a short lifespan.

3. Buddy system

Going out during winter in a power wheelchair on your own is not safe. That is why you are required to adopt a buddy system where you tag someone along with you. You might end up bumping into deep snow that you can’t get yourself out of. That is why tagging a friend comes in handy, for this will ensure that your safety is taken care of. Having someone to help you out when you get stuck is a good idea than suffering out there on your own. If you feel that tagging someone is not your perfect idea, let someone know you are out there in case things get ugly.

4. Winter wheeling technique

When winter is approaching, and you are a wheelchair user, you have to up your wheeling techniques. Moving around during winter is not the same as when the paths are all clear. Hence, how you wheel on an average day is not the same way you will do it during winter.

However, if the power wheelchair you are using has a winter orientated assistive tech, you don’t have to worry. If that is not the case, you have to fine-tune your wheeling technique to enable you to have better mobility.

The brain assumes that your body is warm and therefore cooling systems are triggered like sweating.

There are certain foods that can be useful for you during the winter, as they will keep the body warm. You should consider the herb ginger as this is essential in stimulating the blood circulation in the body.

Hot peppers are ideal foods and other foods like brown rice, which are known as complex carbohydrates. Foods that are hard to digest will last longer in your body and thereby end up keeping the body warmer. The type of diet you choose during the cold seasons is imperative and will help you handle the wheelchair.

Final thoughts

Winter can be quite frustrating, especially for wheelchair users due to challenges in navigation. With temperatures falling every waking day, it is vital to be prepared. Having a power wheelchair outdoor can ensure that you don’t have a hard time navigating through snowy and icy paths.  Winter conditions can affect wheelchair users to a large extent.

That is why understanding how to handle winter in a power wheelchair is important. This will ensure that you don’t get stuck out there. The critical thing to note is to remain in control and to stay safe no matter how wintery it gets.